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Test 4-2381.Snell

Nursing care of child with disorder-endocrine, integument, musculoskeletal

what tests are used to diagnose Lymes disease? Elisa and western blot-same tests as for HIV
What kind of insulin is not recommended for children under 6? peakless, but dr.'s still do
What is the most accurate site for BG testing: finger tip-always use when symptoms
What is the best alternative site to check the BG? the palm
CGMS=Continuous glocuse monitoring system: it doesn't record blood glucose, the sensor goes into interstitial space
what insolin should be given with food? humalog-take bolus when eating carbs
What insulin shoul be given in multiple injections daily? Lantus
devices for insulin admin: pens and pumps
most common combo for insulin admin: Lantus/Humalog
what kind of insulin is in the pump? rapid acting
General insulin/carb guidline for a preschooler: 0.5 unit rapid insulin/15 grams
General insulin/carb guidline for a schoolager: 1 unit/15 grams
General insulin/carb guidline for an adolescent: 2 unit/15 grams
Fun way to learn how to carb count: flashcards
what happens with blood sugar when a person excercises? it goes down
what should a person with type 1 diabetes do before excercising? eat a snack
high activity + low caloric intake = hypoglycemia
every period of 30-60 min moderate intensity workout should be prepared for with ___carbs 15 grams of carbs
what can be used in case of hypoglycemia? orange juice, glucose tablets, frosting tubes, glucogon injection
decreased excersize + same food intake = hyperglycemia
Can a person with diabetes 1 test for keytones in their urine at home? yes
If a person has keytones in their urine what should they do: call the doctor, go in
When sick, what should you do if you suffer from diabetes 1? check for ketones, check BG frequently for hyperglycemia
How are records kept for diabetes? BG needs to be recorded along with insulin given + food eaten. Pumps provide a printout.
How can we help someone adjust to type 1 DM? provide written materials, demonstrate BG and insulin
School agers are able to participate in their DM1 management how? able to do FSBG, give injections, keep records, understand Sx and what they mean, nutrition....
What do school age kids who are managing their DM1 need from their parents? parental involvement and supervision
What is the most difficult age for coping with chronic illnes? adolescent
What complications does being an adolescent have in DM1? eating disorders, just wants to be "normal", alcohol effects, rebellion
What is the pavlik harness used for? DDH, developmental dysplasia of the hip
How often would a person need to go in to have their childs Pavlik straps adjusted? q 2 wks
Family must follow MD order regarding removal or non removal of the ____harness for bathing. If parents can remove they must show how to ____harness Pavlik, apply
How do we prevent skin breakdown under pavlik harness? massage under straps, no lotion or powder, long socks, undershirt under chest strap, diaper goes under straps.
What do you need to encourage parents to do when their child is in a pavlik harness? still hold the child
when toileting a child with DDH, be sure to keep their cast _____ clean
handle a cast with your ____ until dry palms
What should we assess and teach parents to assess in a child with a cast? pain, pallor, pulselessness, paresthesia, paralysis
be sure to feed infants with a cast in the ____position upright
Elavate the legs of a child with DDH and a cast for how long? 1st day
What can happen in the development of a child in a cast? slows
When a child with a cast is sitting, where should their feet be? on a foot rest-no dangling
what factors affect onset of diabetes type 1? hereditary and viral factors
JA= juvinile arthritis
Possible nursing diagnosis for a child with juvinile arthritis: pain, impaired mobility
Pharmacologic management of JA: NSAIDS or other meds as ordered
non pharmacologic management of JA: heat, pool therapy, rest periods throught the day, ROM
Nutrition of a child with juvinile arthritis: well balanced diet based on energy expenditure, encourage activity as tolerated
When should pain meds be given to a child with JA? when in pain or prior to activity
It is important to do ROM for a JA sufferer even when they are having a ____ __ flare up
Symptoms of hypoglycemia: ■Confusion, abnormal behavior or both, such as the inability to complete routine tasks ■Visual disturbances, such as double vision and blurred vision ■Seizures, though uncommon ■Loss of consciousness, though uncommon
S/S hyperglycemia •Polyphagia (frequently hungry)•Polyuria (frequently urinating)•Polydipsia (frequently thirsty)•Blurred vision•Fatigue•Weight loss•Poor wound healing (cuts, scrapes, etc.)•Dry mouth•Dry or itchy skin•Impotence (male)
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