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Pitch - Melody

HSC Pitch Melody

Melody A horizontal succession of pitches
Definite pitch A tuned and distinct sound
Indefinite pitch Untuned sound such as a speaking voice
Countermelody A melody heard at the same time as the main melody
Melodic movement refers to the pitch direction in a melody
steps Movement from one note to the note directly above or below it
leap Movement from one note to another further away
Melodic contour the shape of the melody in a piece of music
Register The general height of sound
Soprano Highest female voice type
Alto Lower female voice type
Tenor Higher male voice type
Bass Lower male voice type
range Relates to the extent of the notes used in a melody
ornamentation Extra notes added to the melody by the composer to decorate it or make it more interesting
Melodic ostinato A melodic repeated pattern
riff A melodic or harmonic repeated pattern found in jazz or rock music
Motif a melodic fragment that is heard throughout a piece of music and has the effect of unifying it
Sequence a pattern of notes repeated at a higher or lower pitch.
Repetition refers to a melody or melodies heard repeatedly
Melisma several, often ornamented notes sung to one syllable of text
Lick several, often ornamented notes sung to one syllable of text in rock or pop music
Created by: c.deAndrade