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Latin One


caelum, i n. sky,heaven
campus, i m. plain, meadow
fortuna, ae f. fortune
regnum, i n. kingdom, kingship
convoco,are call together, assemble
exspecto, are wait for, await
ante(adv.) before, earlier, in front
cur why
iam,non iam now,already,no longer
interim meanwhile, in the meantime
nunc now, at this time
tum or tunc then, at that time
ante before, in front of
trans across
agricola,ae m. farmer
femina, ae f.woman
patria, patriae f. fatherland, native land
provincia, provinciae f. province
puella, ae f. girl
silva, ae f. woods,forst
terra,ae f. earth,land
via, ae f. way,road,street
villa, ae f. farmhouse, villa
est is, there is
sunt are, there are
in(prep) in,on
insula city block, large apt. building
Domus equestris horseback house
nomenclator receptionist
atrium room
impluvium pool
tablinum office
cubicula bedrooms
triclinia dining rooms
culina kitchen
latrina toilet
sacellum chapel
Fabula, ae f. story
familia, ae f. household
filia, ae f. daughter
poeta, ae m. poet
regina, ae f. queen
vita, ae f. life
amo, amare love, like
habito, habitare live,dwell
laudo, laudare praise
narro, are tell, narrate
voco, are call
cum (prep w/ abl.) with
et (conj.) also, even
scamnum footstool
sellae seats
dea, ae f. goddess
nauta, ae m. sailor
ambulo, are walk
navigo, are sail
occupo, are seize
specto, are look at, watch
sum, esse be
non not
quo where [to]?to which place, to which
ubi where [at]?where, when
unde where from?from which place, from which
super over, above
germana,ae f. sister
arcae chests
armaria cupboards
scrinia boxes
lychni, lucernae lamps
ager, i m. field, territory
amicus, i m. friend
auxilium, i n. help, aid
bellum, i n. war
legatus, i m. legate, envoy
nuntius, i m. massage, news; messenger
oppidum, i n. town
puer, +i m.boy
verbum, i n. word
vir, +i m. man;husband;hero
paro, are prepare
porto, are carry, bring
conta on the contrary; on the other hand; in return, against
itaque and so, therefore
frumentum,i n. grain
pistrinum, i n. bakery, mill
vinum, i n. wine
caupona, ae f. wine shop
taberna, ae f. shop
thermopolium, i n. snack bar
fuga, ae f. flight, a running away, escape
periculum, i n. danger
amicus,a, um friendly
ferus,a ,um wild, savage
inimicus, a, um unfriendly, hostile
magnus,a, um great, large
malus, a, um bad, evil, wicked
miser, a, um poor, wretched, unhappy
multus, a,um much, (pl) many
pauci, ae, a few, a few
pulcher, ra, rum beautiful
aedifico, are build
sed but
oppidum Novum carthage
macellum market
garum, liquamen fish sauce
deus, i m. god
filius, -us m. son
liberi, orum m. children
servus, i m. slave
altus, a, um high, deep
bonus, a, um good
liber, a, um free
longus, a,um long
meus, a, um my, mine
noster, ra, rum our, ours
tuus, a, um yours, your (one person)
vester,ra, rum your, yours (multipl persons)
bene well
male badly, ill
annus, i m. year
donum, i n. gift
equus, i m. horse
porta, ae f. gate
somnus, i m. sleep
latus, a, um wide, broad
supero, are surpass, overcome, defeat
volo, are fly, move swiftly, speed, rush
olim once, at one time, at some time
post afterward, behind
saepe often
per through, by
post after, behind, in back of
-que and
caelum, i n. sky, heaven
campus, i m. plain, meadow
fortuna, ae f. fortune
regnum, i n. kingdom, kingship
convoco, are call together, assemble
expecto, are wait for, wait
ante before, earlier, in front
cur why
interim meanwhile, in the meantime
nunc now, at this time
tum, tunc then, at that time
trans across
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