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Chpt 4 Terminology

The Networked Enterprise

A conference usually in a room equipped with appropriate electronic media where participants’ actions can be seen as well as heard for collaborative effort; includes one-way or two-way full motion. Video conference
Feature that lets an online user know when a colleague is online so e-mail messages can be communicated back and forth in real time; requires client software. Instant Messaging
Microcomputers at both the sending and receiving location with a microphone, speakers, and software for audio conversations over the Internet; a video camera allows projection of the individual’s image or objects being discussed. Internet phone
Provides computer-to-computer exchange of standard documents (purchase orders, invoices, payments) between two businesses (B2) using private networks (VAN) or Internet (virtual private network [VPN]} for transmission. Electronic data interchange (EDI)
Though shared digital systems, businesses collaborate with suppliers. Engineers, manufacturers, and sales representatives to improve planning, production and distribution of goods and services. Collaborative commerce
A program coded in hypertext markup language (HTML) that translates other HTML documents into a Web page. Web broswer
With appropriate hardware and software, interactive, real-time text chatting over the Internet. Internet relay chat (IRC)
All the Web pages maintained by one organization or individual. Consists of more than one page with the home page acting as an introduction to the site and interactive buttons for navigation. Web site
Conducting business online, primarily over the Internet; Internet business models include business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), consumer-to-consumer (C2C), and mobile-commerce (m-commerce). e-Commerce
An efficient and convenient way to share information with others over the Internet and intranet; hyperlinked documents display text, animation, multimedia, and interactive environments for individual and team activities. Web publishing
A commercial organization with permanent connection to the Internet selling temporary connections to subscribers (individuals, educational institutions, businesses, and governmental agencies). Internet service provider
Provides authorized users outside the company limited access to the organization’s private intranets in order to coordinate and communicate with business partners and customers. Extranet
Participants designated to be part of the discussion transmit information to others either simultaneously or on a delayed basis anytime, anywhere; also referred to as a discussion forum. Computer conference
A closed, private version of the Internet available only to approved employees who use the Web browser to create a rich, responsive collaborative environment for e-business Intranet
Web standard that formats documents and utilizes hypertext links to other documents stored on computers in a network (LAN or WAN). Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
The internal integration within an organization to enhance and support communication and business operations electronically. e-Business
An electronic public forum for registered subscribers to receive information on predefined topics; uses push technology. Listserv
An organization-wide information system that integrates key business processes so information flows freely between different divisions (manufacturing, accounting, finance, sales and marketing, and human resources). Enterprise system
When requested information is automatically sent to a recipient; the recipient has asked for the information. Push technology
Participants on a computer network with data conferencing software to view, revise, and save changes to text, graphics, drawings, images, and other material displayed on a shared whiteboard; the conference is simultaneous, in real time. Data conference
System that includes all software for information sharing, electronic meetings, electronic scheduling, team writing, and project management, as professionals work in an anytime-anywhere networked environment Groupware
Tool to help users find information or services on Web pages (pull technology). Search engine
Independent forums where individuals can join the bulletin board discussion of their choice to share information and ideas; pull technology by using newsreader client software available on most Internet browsers. Newsgroup
Name that identifies the host or network that services the e-mail account and contains subdomains separated by a period. Domain name
A global network that provides communication (e-mail, newsgroups, listserv, Internet Relay Chat, search, and e-commerce) anytime, anywhere; often referred to as the information superhighway. Internet
The technology of translating sound into digital signals, transmitting the signals, and converting the signals back to sound at the receiving end. Telephony
A communications standard for downloading and uploading files at remote locations. File transfer protocol (FTP)
A unique address required in order to place a Web site on the Internet; must be registered in a domain function. Uniform resource locator (URL)
The user pulls information he or she wants off the Web. Pull technology
A system of universally accepted standards (HTML) for storing, retrieving, formatting, and displaying information over networks, both LANs and WANs. World Wide Web (WWW)
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