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Name all the subcellular cells of an animal and plant cell? nucleus,cell membrane,cytoplasm,mitochondria,ribosomes,cell wall,permanent vacuole,chloroplast
Describe the features of a bacteria cell? cytoplasm,cell membrane,cell wall,plasmids
What is the formula for magnification? magnification = image size/real size
What are the differences between a electron and light microscope light microscopes are cheaper electron microscopes have a greater resolution and magnification.
What is cell differentiation ? is the process when a cell changes to become specialised for its job
State examples of specialised cells and their features? sperm cell: long tail,streamlined head,lots of mitochondria root hair cell:big surface area, xylem and phloem: xylem cells are hollow , phloem have very few sub cellular structures.
What are chromosomes chromosmes contain genetic information
What is the cell cycle the cell cycle makes new cells for growth,development and repair
What are the stages of mitosis 1) the cell duplicates 2)the chromosomes line up and they go to opposite ends 3)membranes form and these become the nuclei 4)cytoplasm and cell membrane divided 5) and two daughter cells are produces
How do bacteria cells replicate they use binary fission
What is used to work out the time it takes for bacteria to replicate the mean division time
How to calculate the area of an inhibition zone area = pie * radius squared
What can an embryonic stem cell do they can differentiate into any cell
What can stem cells do they can cure many diseases
Why are people against the use of stem cells embryos are a potential life
How do plants use stem cells and where are they found plant stem cells are called meri-stem cells and they can differentiate into any type of cell
diffusion the movement of particles from and area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
osmosis the movement of water particles from and area of high concentration to an area of low concentration through a partially permeable membrane
What happens to the rate of diffusion if you increase the surface area the rate of diffusion increases
What is active transport the movement of mineral ions from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration against a concentration gradient
Why do we need active transport in the gut to stop us from starving and when there is a low concentration of nutrients in out gut but a high concentration in our blood
How are root hair cells adapted to carry out active transport they have a large surface area to absorb water
Where does gas exchange happen in the alveoli
How are the alveoli adapted they have an enormous surface area a moist lining very thin walls good blood supply
What are villi and how are they adapted the villi increase the surface area so that food is absorbed much more quickly into the blood they have a single layer of surface cells and a very good blood supply for quick absorption
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