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Tropical Cyclones & Climate Change

Greenhouse Gases Contain Carbon Dioxide + Methane
Factors affecting Greenhouse gases Farming Energy Industry Transport
Tropical Cyclone develop... Over warm water
Temp of sea for Tropical Cyclone 26.5 C or higher
Tropical Cyclones Hazards: High Winds , Intense Rainfall, Storm Surges, Coastal Flooding Landslides
High Winds Up to 250 km/h
Intense Rainfall Release up to trillions of rainfall, get's heavier as closer to eye
Storm Surges Large rise in sea level caused by low pressure & High winds
Coastal Flooding Due to Storm Surges & Strong winds driving large waves to shore
Landslides Heavy rainfall can make land unstable
Tropical Cyclones Impact on people: 1)Death, 2)Infrastructure,3) Homelessness,4) Unemployment, 5)Damaged roads,6) Shortage of water
Tropical Cyclones: Environmental impacts 1)Trees uprooted,2) Erode beaches, 3)Kill Habitats/ animals, 4)Salt on crop soil, 5)Oil
Physical Vulnerabilities to Tropical Cyclones 1)Low lying Coasts, 2)Frequently hit places & 3)Steep Hillsides
Economic Vulnerabilities of Tropical Cyclones Agricultural lost (Developing), No Insurance.
Social Vulnerabilities of Tropical Cyclones 1)Poor Quality Buildings, 2)Lack of Healthcare, 3) Little money for flood defences, 4) Poor infrastructure hard rescue people
Prepare for Tropical Cyclones 1) Forecast, 2) Evacuation, 3) Defences
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