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Rhythm & Tempo

HSC Duration - Rhythm and Tempo

Rhythm the patterns of long and short sounds and silences in the music
Graphic notation Represents the music through shapes and symbols
semibreve 4 beats
minim 2 beats
crotchet 1 beat
quaver ½ beat
semiquaver ¼ beat
Rhythmic ostinato A constantly repeated musical phrase in the same instrument or voice
Repetition Reiteration of a pattern, either immediately after its first statement or throughout the piece of music, as a unifying feature
Syncopation An emphasis in the weak or off beats
Rhythmic motif A rhythmic fragment that is repeated in a piece of music either immediately or throughout the piece as a unifying feature
Imitation A pattern that is restated by the same or a different instrument as a unifying feature
Riff A repeated pattern, either melodic or chordal that is usually a few bars in length and usually associated with jazz or rock music
Accents Stresses placed on particular notes for expression
Anticipation Refers to a note that is played or sung before a strong beat anticipating the phrase
Hemiola A pattern of syncopated beats with two beats played in the time of three or three in the time of two
Polyrhythm Two or more independent rhythms played simultaneously in different parts
Cross rhythms Conflicting rhythmic patterns played simultaneously or conflicting metre
Diminution A pattern that is repeated with the notes half their previous duration
Augmentation A pattern that is repeated with the notes double their previous duration
Swing rhythm A feel or groove heard in jazz, especially in swing music based on two emphasised subdivision of the beat.
Rock beat Heard in rock and popular music in which the rock drum pattern is usually stressed (bass drum 1&3 - snare 2 & 4, hi-hat on quavers)
Tempo The speed at which a piece is performed
Created by: c.deAndrade