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So-Matome N2 Vocab

賃貸(ちんたい) Lease
賃貸アパート(ちんたいアパート) A Rental Apartment
置き場(おきば) Place for Something (Like a Bike)
自転車置き場(じてんしゃおきば) A Bicycle Parking Lot
物干し(ものほし) Clothesline
洗面所(せんめんじょ) A Washroom
一人住まい(ひとりずまい) Person who lives alone
近所付き合い(きんじょづきあい) Relationship with One's Neighbors
真ん前(まんまえ) Right in Front
真後ろ(まうしろ) Right Behind
回覧(かいらん) Circulation (Esp. Documents)
回覧板(かいらんばん) Circular Notice (esp. Distributed to Households)
ガムテープ Packaging Tape
ポリ袋(ポリふくろ) A Plastic Bag
レジ袋(レジふくろ) A Plastic Bag
買い換える(かいかえる) To Replace By Buying Something New
生ゴミ(なまごみ) Kitchen Waste
粗大(そだい) Bulky, Coarse, Rough
粗大ごみ(そだいゴミ) Large-Size Garbage (i.e. Furniture)
不用品(ふようひん) Disused Article
処分(しょぶん) Disposal
資源ゴミ(しげんごみ) Recyclable Waste
漏れる(もれる) To Leak Out
秘密が漏れる A Secret Leaks Out
漏らす(もらす) To Let Leak
どうぞおあがりください Please Come in
お陰様で(おかげさまで) I'm Fine, Thank You
遠慮なくいただきます(えんりょなくいただきます) I'll receive it without hesitation
お元気でいらっしゃいましたか? How have you been?
どうぞお構いなく(どうそおかまいなく) Please Don't Worry
ゆっくりしていってください Please Stay as Long as You Like
心地(ここち) Feeling, Sensation of Doing
座り心地(すわりごこち) The Level of Comfort (of Objects you Sit on)
寝心地(ねごこち) Sleeping Comfort
居心地がいい(いごこちがいい) Comfortable
居心地が悪い(いごこちがわるい) Uncomfortable
寛ぐ(くつろぐ) To Relax
半額(はんがく) Half The Amount
半額セール(はんがくセール) Half Price Sale
手頃(てごろ) Reasonable, Moderate
お買い得(おかいどく) A Bargain
炊事(すいじ) Cooking
流し(ながし) (Kitchen) Sink, Washing Area in a Bath
食器(しょっき) Tableware
躾ける(しつける) To Train, To Discipline, To Teach Manners
仕付ける(しつける) To Get Accustomed, To Be in The Habit of Doing
躾(しつけ) Discipline, Training, Teaching Manners
怒鳴る(どなる) To Yell
止す(よす) To Cease
この話しはよそう Let's Stop talking about it
妊娠する(にんしんする) To Get Pregnant
負ぶう(おぶう) To Piggyback
抱っこする(だっこする) Carrying in One's Arms , Hug
お襁褓(おむつ) A Diaper
襁褓(おしめ) A Diaper, A Loincloth
やんちゃ(な) Mischievous, Naughty
落書き(らくがき) Scribble, Graffiti
暴れる(あばれる) To Get Out of Control, To Rage, To Act Violently
日焼け(ひやけ) Sunburn, Tan
日焼けする To Get a Tan
真っ暗 Pitch Dark, Total Darkness
真っ黒 Deep Black (Tan)
肌が真っ黒になる My Skin got a Dark Tan
真っ暗な部屋 A Pitch-Dark Room
汗をかく(あせをかく) To Sweat, To Perspire
潜る(もぐる) To Dive (Into or Under Water)
詐欺 (さぎ) Fraud
引っかかる(ひっかかる) To Be Caught in, To Fall For (A Trick)
引っ掛ける(ひっかける) To Hang Something on Something
漕ぐ(こぐ) To Row, To Paddle, To Pedal (a Bike)
行方(ゆくえ) One's Whereabouts
行方不明(ゆくえふくめい) Whereabouts Unknown
引き出す(ひきだす) Withdraw Manually
引き落とされる To Be Automatically Withdrawn
公共料金(こうきょうりょうきん) Public Utilities Charge
手数料(てすうりょう) Handling Charge
黒字(くろじ) Balance, (Figure) in The Black
外食する(がいしょくする) Eating Out
高くつく(たかくつく) To Be Expensive, To Be Costly
偏る(かたよる) To Be Unbalanced (E.g. Diet), To Lean to One Side
自炊(じすい) Cooking for Oneself
贅沢する(ぜいたくする) To Splurge, To Indulge Oneself
無駄遣いをする(むだづかいをする) Wasting Money
程度(ていど) Degree, Amount, Grade
越える(こえる) To Exceed (To Pass)
取り除く(とりのぞく) To Remove, To Deinstall
講師(こうし) Lecturer
従業員(じゅうぎょういん) Employee, Worker
フリーター Young People Subsisting On Part-Time Work
人手不足(ひとでふそく) Labor Shortage
正社員(せいしゃいん) A Regular Employee
求人(きゅうじん) Offer of a Job (Situation)
求人情報(きゅうじんじょうほ) Job Information
派遣社員(はけんしゃいん) Temp Worker
登録 (とうろく) Registration, Entry, Record
派遣社員に登録(はけんしゃいんにとうろく) Register for Temporary Staff
気軽(きがる) Carefree
気軽に尋ねる(きがるにたずねる) Free to Ask Questions
雇う(やとう) To Hire, To Employ
採用(さいよう) Employment, Engagement, Recruitment
相応しい(ふさわしい) Appropriate
相応しい服装(ふさわしいふくそう) Appropriate Attire
勤務(きんむ) Service, Duty, Work
8時間勤務(8じかんきんむ) An 8 Hour Shift
儲ける(もうける) To Profit, To Earn, To Gain
儲かる(もうかる) To Be Profitable, To Yield A Profit
上司(じょうし) (One's) Superior
部下(ぶか) Subordinate Person
教わる(おそわる) To Be Taught (By)
見習う(みならう) To Follow Another's Example
早退(そうたい) Leaving Early
有給休暇(ゆうきゅうきゅうか)) Paid Vacation
席を外す(せきをはずす) To Leave One's Seat, To Step Outside
遣り甲斐(やりがい) To Be Worth Doing
生甲斐(いきがい)) Something One Lives For, Purpose in Life
体が持たない(からだがもたない) Can't Keep Up With The Pace
休む間がない(やすむまがない) No Time To Rest
やる気がない(やるきがない) To Have No Motivation
やる気が出ない(やるきがでない) To Not Be Motivated
胡麻(ごま) Sesame Seeds
胡麻をする(ごまをする) To Butter Someone Up, To Get On Someone's Good Side
怠け者(なまけもの) Lazy Person
働き者(はたらきもの) Hard Worker
長引く(ながびく) To Be Prolonged
会議が長引く The Meeting is Prolonged
纏める(まとめる) To Summarize
求める(もとめる) To Request
意見を求める To Ask for Comments
張り切る(はりきる) To Be in High Spirits
スケジュールを組む(スケジュールをくむ) To Make Up The Schedule
組む(くむ) To Put Together, To Assemble
引き受ける(ひきうける) To Take On
熟す(こなす) To Do...Well, To Be Able To Use, To Be Good At
取り次ぐ(とりつぐ) To Act As An Agent For, To Convey (A Message)​
電話を取り次ぐ Take a (phone) message
本社(ほんしゃ) Main Office, Headquarters
転勤(てんきん) Intra-Company Transfer
転送(てんそう) Transfer, Forwarding
電話を転送する To Transfer a Call
転職(てんしょく) Change of Occupation
保留(ほりゅう) To Put on Hold, Deferment
電話を保留する To Put Someone on Hold
リストラ (Corporate) Restructuring, Downsizing
退職(たいしょく) Retirement, Resignation
出世(しゅっせ) Promotion, Climbing The Corporate Ladder
昇進(しょうしん) Promotion
起動(きどう) Starting Up, Booting Up
終了(しゅうりょう) End, Close
立ち上げる(たちあげる) To Start (Something), To Start Up
再起動(さいきどう) Restart, Reboot​
画面(がめん) Terminal Screen, Scene
表示(ひょうじ) Display
次の画面を表示する Display The Next Page
接続(せつぞく) Connection, Link
検索(けんさく) Looking Up, Retrieval
開始(かいし) Start, Commencement
更新(こうしん) Renewal
やり取り(やりとり) Giving and Taking
メールのやり取りをする Exchange E-mail Messages
入力(にゅうりょく) Input, (Data) Entry
アドレスを入力する Input Addresses
カーソル Cursor
マウス Mouse
作成(さくせい) Drawing up (e.g. A Legal Document, Contract etc)
書類を作成する To Prepare a Document
変換(へんかん) Conversion
かなを漢字に変換する Covert Kana into Kanji
削除(さくじょ) Delete, Eliminate
文字を削除する Delete Letters, Characters
改行する(かいぎょうする) Start a New Line, Start a New Paragraph
変更する(へんこうする) To Change, To Modify
フォントを変更する Change The Font
目的の位置に合わせる(もくてきのいちにあわせる) Fit to The Desired Position, Adjust The Layout
位置(いち) Place, Position
揃える(そろえる) To Arrange, To Put in Order
中央に揃える(ちゅうおうにそろえる) Center-Justify
文字を中央に揃える Center-Justify The Letters
寄せる(よせる) To Bring Near
右に寄せる(みぎによせる) Align Right
挿入(そうにゅう) Insertion, Incorporation
図を挿入する Insert a Figure
文書(ぶんしょ) Document
編集(へんしゅう) Compilation, Editorial
文書を編集する(ぶんしょをへんしゅうする) To Compile a Document
元に戻す(もとにもどす) To Go Back To The Start
やり直す(やりなおす) To Do Over Again, To Start Over
図形(ずけい) Figure
切り取る(きりとる) To Cut Off
切り取り(きりとり) Cutting
貼り付ける(はりつける) To Paste
貼り付け(はりつけ) Pasting
取り込む(とりこむ) To Import (Computer Term), To Capture
画像を取り込む Import an Image
保存(ほぞん) Preservation, Conservation, Saving (to a disk, a game file)
文書を保存する Save a Document
上書き(うわがき) Overwriting (Date, File)
上書き保存(うわがきほぞん) Saving Changes (to a file)
用紙(ようし) Blank Form, Sheet(s) of (Blank) Paper
余白(よはく) Margin, Blank Space
余白を多くする Set Bigger Margins
ずれる Out of Alignment, To Be Out of Sync, To Be Off-Point
印刷がずれる The Printing on The Page is Askew
滑らす(ずらす) To Shift, To Slide Something Away From Something Else, To Move Something Out of The Way
手間がかかる(てまがかかる) It Takes Time and Effort
省く(はぶく) To Cut Down, To Economize; To Omit, To Leave Out
手間を省く(てまをはぶく) To Save Time and Effort
拒否(きょひ) Rejection, Refusal, Denial
感染(かんせん) Infection, Contagion
ウィルスに感染する To Get Infected with a Computer Virus
対応 (たいおう) Correspondence, Coping with, Dealing with, Software Support
書き込む(かきこむ) To Post a Message (On a Bulletin Board), To Fill Out (A Form)
支給(しきゅう) Allowance, Grant, Provision
要領(ようりょう) Knack, Trick, The Ropes
要領がいい(ようりょうがいい) Being Good at Dealing with Things​
朗らか(ほがらか) Cheerful, Bright
人懐っこい(ひとなつっこい) Friendly, Amiable, Sociable
無邪気(むじゃき) Innocent
頼もしい(たのもしい) Reliable
短気(たんき) Short Temper
気が短い(きがみじかい) Short Tempered
厚かましい(あつかましい) Impudent, Brazen
図々しい(ずうずうしい) Impudent, Shameless
不潔(ふけつ) Unclean, Filthy
気が小さい(きがちいさい) Timid, Wimpish, Faint-Hearted
哀れ(な)(あわれ(な)) Pity, Sorrow, Miserable
欲張り(よくばり) Greedy, Avarice
強引(ごういん) Pushy, Overbearing
卑怯(ひきょう) Meanness, Unfairness, Cowardice
ダサい Tacky, Not Cool, Unfashionable
上品(じょうひん) Refined, Elegant
品がある, 品が良い(ひんがある, ひんがいい) Refined (Character, Manners), Classy
品がない(ひんがない) Unrefined (Character, Manners), Vulgar, Bad Taste, Lacking Style
気が強い(きがつよい) Strong Willed, Strong Hearted, Aggressive
気が弱い(きがよわい) Timid, Faint Hearted
器用(きよう) Skillful, Dexterous
不真面目(ふまじめ) Not Serious, Frivolous
豊か(な)(ゆたか(な)) Wealthy, Abundant
豊かな国 A Wealthy Country
快適な暮らし(かいてきなくらし) A Comfortable Life
派手(な)(はで(な)) Showy, Gaudy
粗末 (そまつ) Plain, Shabby, Humble
粗末な食事(そまつなしょくじ) Plain Food
惨め(みじめ) Miserable
厄介(やっかい) Burden, Nuisance, Trouble
厄介な問題(やっかいなもんだい) A Difficult Problem, A Troublesome Problem
有り触れた(ありふれた) Unsurprising, Ordinary, Mundane
等しい(ひとしい) Equivalent, Equal
長さが等しい(ながさがひとしい) Be The Same Length
頭の中が真っ白になる To Be Totally Lost
睨む(にらむ) To Glare at, To Scowl at
覗く(のぞく) To Peek (Through a Keyhole, Gap etc), To Peek into (A Shop, A Store etc)
部屋の中を覗く To Peek in The Room
咥える(くわえる) To Hold in One's Mouth
たばこを咥える To Leave a Cigarette in One's Mouth
齧る(かじる) To Bite
噛む To Chew
頷く(うなずく) To Nod
肩に担ぐ(かたにかつぐ) To Carry on One's Shoulder
脇(わき) Armpit, Flank​
脇に抱える(わきにかかえる) To Hold or Carry Under in The Arms
ぶら下げる(ぶらさげる) To Hang, To Suspend
肘(ひじ) Elbow
肘をつく(ひじをつく) Put One's Elbows on...
突っ込む(つっこむ) To Thrust (Something) into (Something), To Cram, To Get To The Heart (of Something)​
ポケットに手を突っ込む To Put One's Hand in One's Pocket
挟む(はさむ) To Put Between, To Sandwich Between, To Interject
パンにハムを挟む To Put Ham in a Sandwich
糊(のり) Glue, Paste
くっ付ける(くっつける) To Attach, To Stick Together
糊でくっ付ける To Use Glue to Stick Two Things Together
蛇口(じゃぐち) Faucet
捻る(ひねる) To Twist, To Wrench, To Turn (A Switch On or Off etc.), To Wring (a Neck)
蛇口を捻る To Turn on a Faucet
膝 (ひざ) Knees
曲げる(まげる) To Bend
膝を曲げる To Bend One's Knees
溝(みぞ) Ditch, Drain, Gutter
跨ぐ(またぐ) To Step Over, To Step Across
溝を跨ぐ To Step Over a Ditch
躓く(つまずく) To Stumble, To Trip
石に躓く To Stumble on a Stone
滑る(すべる) To Slide, To Glide, To Slip
雪道で滑る To Slip on a Snowy Road
しゃがむ To Squat, To Crouch
凭れる(もたれる) To Lean Against, To Lean On
壁に凭れる To Lean Against The Wall
打つかる(ぶつかる) To Bump into, To Collide with
打付ける(ぶつける) To Hit (e.g. One's Head), To Strike, To Throw (e.g. A Ball, A Question, A Demand)
壁にボールをぶつける To Throw a Ball Against The Wall​
すれ違う(すれちがう) To Pass By One Another​, To Miss Meeting Each Other, To Miss Each Other​
地面(じめん) Ground, Earth's Surface
這う(はう) To Crawl
地面を這う To Crawl on The Ground
情けない(なさけない) Shameful, Deplorable, Miserable
やむを得ない(やむをえない) There's Nothing You Can Do About It (Formal)
納得がいかない(なっとくがいかない) To Be Unable to Accept
納得がいく(なっとくがいく) To Understand and Accept as Valid (of a Thought, Action etc), To Be Convinced
飽きる(あきる) To Get Tired of, To Lose Interest in, To Get Bored of
呆れる(あきれる) To Be Amazed (Negatively), To Be Shocked (Negatively), To Be Disgusted
慌てる(あわてる) To Panic, To Be Flustered
見っともない(みっともない) Shameful, Disgraceful, Unbecoming
焦る(あせる) To Be in a Hurry, To Be Impatient
躊躇う(ためらう) To Hesitate, To Waver
信用(しんよう) Trust, Having Faith
疑う(うたがう) To Doubt
遣っ付ける(やっつける) To Finish Off, To Do Away With, To Attack (an Enemy)
貶す(けなす) To Speak Ill of, To Disparage
放っておく(ほっておく) To Leave Alone
ほっといて Leave Me Alone
嫌み(いやみ) Sarcasm, Disagreeability
恵まれる(めぐまれる) To Be Blessed with, To Be Rich in, To Abound in
友達に恵まれる To Have Many Friends​
揉める(もめる) To Disagree, To Dispute, To Fight (Over)
友達と揉める To Fight with Friends​
嫌な態度を取る(いやなたいどをとる) To Have a Bad Attitude
人のせいにする(ひとのせいにする) To Blame Others for One's Own Mistakes
診察(しんさつ) A Medical Examination, A Physical Examination
医者に掛かる(いしゃにかかる) To Consult with a Doctor
顔色(かおいろ) One's Facial Complexion
顔色が悪い You Look Unwell
吐き気 (はきけ) Nausea
吐く(はく) To Vomit
ぼーっとする(ぼうっとする) Dazedly, Blankly, Dreamily, Hazily
頭がぼうっとする My Head isn't Clear
熱中症(ねっちゅうしょう) Heatstroke
籠もる(こもる) To Shut Oneself in (e.g. One's Room)
家に籠る To Shut Yourself in Your House, To Be Filled with (Emotion, Enthusiasm etc)
体に熱が籠る To Be Filled with Fever, To Be Feverish
凝る(こる) To Grow Stiff, To Be Absorbed in, To Be Devoted to, To Be a Fanatic
肩が凝る To Have Stiff Shoulders
揉む(もむ) To Massage, To Rub
肩を揉む To Massage One's Shoulders
溜まる (たまる) To Accumulate , To Gather
ストレスが溜まる(ストレスがたまる) To Feel Stressed Out
耐える(たえる) To Bear, To Endure, To Put Up with​, To Withstand
痛みに耐える/堪える To Endure Pain
堪える(こらえ) To Bear, To Endure, To Put Up with​
荒れる(あれる) To Be Rough, To Be Stormy
肌が荒れる To Have Rough Skin
艶 (つや) Gloss, Shine, Sheen, Mellowness (of A Voice), Youthfulness (e.g. of Skin), Interest, Appeal, Charm
肌の艶がいい(はだのつやがいい) To Have Smooth Skin
湿疹(しっしん) Eczema, Rash​
湿疹が出来る(しっしんができる) To Get a Rash
詰まる(つまる) To Be Blocked (Road, Pipe etc), To Be Clogged, To Be Full (Space, Schedule etc)​
鼻が詰まる(はながつまる) To Have a Stuffed Nose
傷口(きずぐち) (Opening of) A Wound
塞がる(ふさがる) To Be Healed (e.g. Wound)
傷口が塞がる(きずぐちがふさがる) A Wound Heals
レントゲン X-Ray
レントゲンを撮る To Have an X-Ray Taken
傷跡(きずあと) Scar
癌 (がん) Cancer
癌で死亡する(がんでしぼうする) To Die From Cancer
踵(かかと) Heel (of the foot, shoe, stocking etc)
つま先(つまさき) Toes, Tips of The Toes, Toe of a Shoe
裸足 (はだし) Barefoot
肺(はい) Lungs
つい Unintentionally, Unconsciously, By Mistake
ついうそを言ってしまった I lied without meaning to
遂に(ついに) Finally, At Last
ついに絵が完成した Finally The Painting was Finished
どうも上手に話せない I Cannot Really Explain It Well
どうも道に迷ったようだ It Seems Like I'm Lost
どうも失礼しました Please Excuse Me
昨日はどうも It was Nice to See You Yesterday
どうにか Someway or Another
何とも~ない Not at All
そんなこと、なんとも思わない I don't care about it
若しかすると(もしかすると) Perhaps , Maybe
家に帰って間もなく客が来た Soon After I came home, a guest arrived
近々(ちかぢか) Soon, Before Long
近日中に(きんじつちゅう) In a Few Days, In The Near Future
其の内(そのうち) Before Long, Eventually
其の内に One of These Days
そのうち分かるようになるでしょう You Will Understand Someday
軈て(やがて) Before Long, Eventually, In The End
やがて夏休みも終わる Summer Vacation will Soon Be Over
父が死んでやがて1年になる It will soon be a year since my father passed away
漸く(ようやく) Finally, At Last, Barely, Narrowly
漸く暖かくなってきた It's Finally Getting Warmer
忽ち(たちまち) In an Instant, Immediately, Right Away
チケットは忽ち売り切れた The Tickets were Immediately Sold Out
直ちに(ただちに) Immediately, At Once
直ちに出発したほうがいい It's better to go right away
俄かに(にわかに) Abruptly, Suddenly
俄かに空が曇ってきた Suddenly The Sky Became Cloudy
俄か雨 Sudden Rain
絶えず(たえず) Constantly, Always, Continually, Steadily
絶えず水が流れている The Water is Constantly Running​
常に(つねに) Always, Constantly
常に健康に注意する Always Keep Health in Mind
頻りに(しきりに) Frequently, Repeatedly, Often
しきりに電話が鳴る The Phone Keeps Ringing
しきりに褒める Praise Repeatedly
しょっちゅう Always, Constantly, Repeatedly
しょっちゅう酒を飲む Frequently Drink Alcohol
前もって(まえもって) In Advance, Beforehand
略(ほぼ) Approximately, Almost, Roughly
ほぼ1万円 Approximately 10,000 Yen
ほぼ読み終わる Almost Finished Reading
本の(ほんの) Merely, Only, Not Even (with Negative Verb)
たった Only, Merely, No More Than
たった一人で All By Oneself
愈(いよいよ) At Last, Finally, More and More, All The More
いよいよ明日出発します I will finally depart tomorrow
まごまご Flustered, At A Loss
銘々(めいめい) Each, Individual
ばったり With a Thud, With a Bang, With a Flop
ぴったり Perfectly (Suited for), Ideally, Exactly, Precisely, Tightly
計算がぴったり合う The Calculations Comes Up Exactly Right
ぴったりくっつく Stick Tightly
ぎっしり Tightly, Densely, Packed, Crammed
みかんがぎっしりつまっている It is packed with Tangerines
予定がぎっしりはいっている The Schedule is Tight
じっくり Thoroughly, Deliberately, Carefully
じっくり読む Read Slowly and Carefully
ちらっと , ちらりと At a Glance
ちらっと見る Glance at...
うんざり Tedious, Boring, Being Fed Up
親の説教にうんざりする Getting Fed Up with One's Parent's Lectures
説教(せっきょう) Scolding, Lecturing, Preaching, Sermonizing
びっしょり Wet Through, Drenched
びしょびしょ Soaked, Drenched
ずらっと , ずらりと In A Line, In A Row
さっさ(と) Promptly, Immediately, Quickly
さっさと帰る Leave at Once
せっせと Diligently, Assiduously, Industriously
どっと Suddenly, All of a Sudden, ​In A Rush, In A Surge
どっと客がどっと来る Customers Pour into
どっと疲れる Suddenly Feel Exhausted
すっと To Feel Refreshed, To Feel Satisfied​
うんと A Great Deal, Very Much
うんと便利になる To Become Extremely Convenient
お金がうんとある To Have A Lot of Money
稍(やや) A Little, Partially, Somewhat
幾分(いくぶん) Somewhat
幾らか(いくらか) Somewhat
割に(わりに) Comparatively
割と(わりと) Comparatively
割合(わりあい) Contrary to Expectations, Rate, Ratio, Percentage
割合に早く着いた I Unexpectedly Arrived Early
尚(なお) Furthermore, Still More
これのほうが、なお安い This One is Even Cheaper (Than That)
次第に(しだいに) Gradually (Progress into a State)
ぐっと A Lot, Considerably, Very Much, Suddenly, At Once, In One Go
ぐっとよくなった It Has Improved A Lot
めっきり Noticeably, Remarkably
めっきり寒くなる It's become noticeably cold
呉れ呉れも(くれぐれも) Repeatedly, Sincerely, Earnestly
くれぐれもご両親によろしくお伝えください Please Send My Best Regards to Your Parents​
改良(かいりょう) Improvement, Reform
増し(まし) Better, Less Objectionable, Preferable, More, Increase, Extra
発言 (はつげん) Statement, Remark, Speech
古典 (こてん) Classical (Work, Book etc)
一遍に(いっぺんに) At One Time
いっぺんに覚えるのは無理だ It's impossible to memorize everything at once
思い切って(おもいきって) Daringly, Boldly, Resolutely
思い掛けず, 思い掛けなく(おもいがけず, おもいがけなく) Unexpectedly
態々(わざわざ) Expressly, Specially, Doing Something Especially Rather Than Incidentally
一層(いっそう) Much More, All The More
これのほうが、一層大きい This One is Much Bigger
いっそ Rather, Preferably
未だに(いまだに) Until This Very Day, Even Now
たった今(たったいま) This Very Minute, A Moment Ago, Just Now
年賀状(ねんがじょう) New Year's Card
そう~ない Not That Much
この問題はそう難しくない This problem isn't that difficult
大して~ない(たいして~ない) (Not so) Much, (Not) Very
大して勉強しなかったが、合格できた I passed the exam, but I didn't study all that much
一切(いっさい) All, Everything
一切~ない(いっさい~ない) Absolutely Not, Nothing
私は其の事件とは一切関係ない I Have Nothing to Do with The Case
とても~ない Not At All, By No Means
彼はとても50歳には見えない He doesn't at all look 50 years old
恐らく~だろう(おそらく~だろう) Perhaps, Probably
彼女は恐らく結婚しないだろう She probably won't get married
どうやら ~そうだ, ~ようだ It Seems like, It Appears That
どうやら雨が降りそうだ It looks like it's going to rain
果たして ~だろうか(はたして~だろうか) Really? (In Questions), Ever, As Was Expected
彼の話は果たして本当だろうか Is His Story Really True?
どうせ ~だろう No Matter What, At Any Rate, At Best, At Most
やってもどうせだめだろう It Probably Won't Work Out Even If I try
折角~のに(せっかく~のに) At Great Pains, With Trouble, Specially, Especially
折角覚えたのに、テストに出なかった I went to the trouble of memorizing them, but they weren't on the test
折角~から(せっかく~から) At Great Pains, With Trouble, Specially, Especially
折角ここまで来たから、彼の家に寄ってみよう Since We've Come All This Way, Why Don't We Visit His House
一旦 ~したら(いったん~したら) Once, On One Occasion
一旦約束したら、守るべきだ Once You Make a Promise, You Should Keep it
一度(いちど, ひとたび) Once, On One Occasion
一旦約束したら、守るべきだ Once You Make a Promise, You Should Keep it
一まず(ひとまず) For The Present
一旦(いったん) Once
いったん休んで、ごごからまた始めよう Let's Take a Break for Now and Start Again in The Afternoon
却って(かえって) On The Contrary, Instead, Rather
近道したら、却って時間がかかった We Took a Shortcut, but It Actually Took Us More Time
何故か(なぜか) Somehow, For Some Reason, Without Knowing Why
なぜか眠い I Feel Sleepy For Some Reason
何と(なんと) What, How, Whatever
何と綺麗なひとだろう What a Beautiful Woman!
犯す(おかす) To Commit (e.g. A Crime)
開幕(かいまく) Opening (of an Event), Start of a Season, “Raising The Curtain"
閉幕(へいまく) Coming to an End (Event), Falling of The Curtain
頑固(がんこ) Stubborn, Pigheaded, Obstinate
発売(はつばい) Release (for Sale), Launch (Product)
作物(さくもつ) Produce (Agricultural), Crops
物置(ものおき) Storage Room
元日(がんじつ) New Year's Day
後日(ごじつ) Another Day, Later, In The Future
日時(にちじ) Date and Time
大小(だいしょう) Sizes (Various), Large & Small
大金(たいきん) A Large Amount of Money, A Great Cost
大木(たいぼく) Large Tree
中間(ちゅうかん) Mid-Way, Middle, Interim
中間試験 Mid-Term Exams
世間(せけん) The Public, People, Society
夜間(やかん) Nighttime, At Night
名作(めいさく) Masterpiece
通行(つうこう) Passage (of People, Traffic), Passing, Common Usage
右側を通行する Keep to The Right
一方通行(いっぽうつうこう) One Way Traffic
通知(つうち) Notice, Notification
合格通知(ごうかくつうち) An Acceptance Letter
文通(ぶんつう) Exchange of Letters, Correspondence
文通相手(ぶんつうあいて) A Pen Pal
一通り(ひととおり) (In) General, Broad (e.g. Knowledge), The Basics
生える(はえる) To Grow, To Sprout
学問(がくもん) Branch of Learning, Learning, Study
励む(はげむ) To Strive, To Endeavor, To Be Zealous, To Make an Effort
用いる(もちいる) To Utilize
用心(ようじん) Precaution, Guarding, Caution
掏摸に用心する(すりにようじんする) Beware of Pickpockets
通用(つうよう) To Pass as, To Pass for
社会で通用する To Be Generally Accepted (in Society)
急用(きゅうよう) Urgent Business
見方(みかた) Viewpoint, Way of Understanding, Way of Appreciating
見出し(みだし) Headline, Title, Heading
見本(みほん) Example, Sample, Model
見回る(みまわる) To Patrol, To Make One's Rounds
土地(とち) Plot of Land, Lot
地元(じもと) Local, Hometown, Home Area
地元のテレビ局 The Local TV Station
生地(きじ) Dress Material, Fabric, Cloth
パンの生地 Bread Dough
名字(みょうじ) Last Name
本名(ほんみょう) Real Name
発行(はっこう) Publication (Journal, Newspaper), Issue (of A Visa, A Passport, Banknotes)
発生(はっせい) An Outbreak, Occurrence
開会(かいかい) Opening of a Meeting
開会式 Opening Ceremony
閉会(へいかい) Closure (of a Meeting, Event, Ceremony)
閉会式 Closing Ceremony
カビ Mold
紙幣(しへい) Paper Money, Note, Bill
手当て(てあて) Medical Care, Treatment, Allowance, Bonus, Benefit
手入れ(ていれ) Looking After, Taking Care of, Tending to
カメラの手入れをする Look after the Camera, Take Care of the Camera
手書き(てがき) Handwritten, Hand-painted, Hand-drawn
手前(てまえ) Before
1つ手前の駅 One Train Stop Before
話し手(はなして) Speaker
聞き手(ききて) Listener, Audience
人手(ひとで) Man Power, Work, Labor
手話(しゅわ) Sign Language
合理的(ごうりてき) Logical, Reasonable, Rational
合同(ごうどう) Combination, Union, Fusion
合同で練習する Practice Together
集合(しゅうごう) A Gathering
体力(たいりょく) Endurance, Stamina, Resilience
本日(ほんじつ) Today
本来(ほんらい) Naturally, Originally, Primarily, Essentially, Proper, Legal
目安(めやす) Approximation, Rough Estimate
目指す(めざす) To Aim At, To Have an Eye On
目立つ(めだつ) To Be Conspicuous, To Stand Out
気体(きたい) Gas, Vapor
決勝(けっしょう) Decision of a Contest, Finals (in Sports)
稼ぐ(かせぐ) To Earn (Income), To Make (Money)
ラッシュアワー/ラッシュ Rush Hour
テロリズム/テロ Terrorism
インフレーション/インフレ Inflation
デフレーション/デフレ Deflation
アポイントメント/アッポイント/アポ Appointment
イラストレーション/イラスト Illustration
スト/ストライク Strike
ストを行う To Go On Strike
アルミホイル/ホイル Foil (Aluminium Foil)
バーゲン Bargain
ファミレストラン/ファミレス Family Restaurant
緑黄色(りょくおうしょく) Greenish Yellow
緑黄色野菜(りょくおうしょくやさい) Vegetables High in Beta-Carotene
面会(めんかい) Meeting (Face to Face), Interview
クレームをつける, クレームを言う Claim (for Compensation)
フロント Reception Desk, Front Desk
ツイン A Twin Room (Hotel)
バイキング All You Can Eat Buffet, Viking
ドライ Dry (Humor), Dry (Not Wet
ドライな性格 A Cold Personality
パンク Puncture
タイヤがパンクする To Have a Flat Tire
コーナー Corner, Section, Segment
デパートの化粧品コーナ The Cosmetic Section in a Department Store
キャリア Career
衣装(いしょう) Clothing, Costume, Garment
コンパ A Social Gathering (Usually with Alcohol)
合コン(ごうコン) A Co-ed Party, A Joint Party, Mixer
ワンパターン Predictable, Repetitive, Set in One's Ways
フリーダイヤル Call A Toll-Free Number
パトロールカー/パトカー Patrol Car, Police Car
ガードマン Security Guard
サインペン Felt Tip Pen
シルバーシート A Priority Seat for The Aged, Pregnant, and Handicapped
ホッチキス, ホチキス Stapler
セロテープ Cellophane Tape, Adhesive Tape
跳ねる(はねる) To Jump, To Leap, To Prance
千切る(ちぎる) To Tear (To Pieces)
パンをちぎって食べる Tear a Piece of Bread off to Eat
紙を破る(かみをやぶる) To Tear a Piece of Paper
約束を破る(やくそくをやぶる) To Break a Promise
記録を破る(きろくをやぶる) To Break a Record
漏れる(もれる) To Leak Out
ポット Pot (esp. Tea Pot , Coffee Pot), Thermos Flask
零れる(こぼれる) To Spill, To Fall Out
塞ぐ(ふさぐ) To Clog, To Block, To Plug Up
耳を塞ぐ(みみをふさぐ) Cover One's Ears
吊るす(つるす) To Hang
カーテンをつるす Hang a Curtain
カメラをぶら下げる(かめらをぶらさげる) Hang a Camera Around One's Neck
ぶら下がる(ぶらさがる) To Hang From
しゃぶる To Suck
退ける(どける) To Move
椅子をどける To Move The Chair
退く(どく) To Move (i.e. Out of The Way), To Make Way, To Step Aside
枯れる(かれる) To Wither (of a plant), To Die
萎む(しぼむ) To Wither (Flowers, Dreams), To Shrivel
花が萎む The Flower Wilts
傷つく(きずつく) To Get Hurt Feelings
傷がつく(きずがつく) To Be Wounded, To Get Injured
新たにする(あらたにする) To Renew
先に The Previous, Before
先ほど(さきほど) Not Long Ago, Just Now, Sometime Ago
天井(てんじょう) Ceiling, Ceiling Price
真っ先に(まっさきに) At The Very Beginning, First of All, Before Anything Else, First and Foremost​
真っ先に家に帰る To Be The First to Go Home
以前(いぜん) Before, Previous
嘗て(かつて) Before, Formerly, Once
ここはかつてにぎやかだった It Used to Be Lively Around Here
無理に, 無理やり Forcibly, Against One's Will
勝手に(かってに) Of Your Own Accord, Willfully, Voluntarily, As One Pleases
無断で(むだんで) Without Permission, Without Notice
意外(いがい) Surprisingly
案外(あんがい) Unexpectedly
載る(のる) To Appear (in Print)(i.e. in a magazine)
一人当たり5千円 5,000 Yen Per Person
特徴(とくちょう) Feature, Trait, Characteristic
特徴のある声 A Distinct Voice
特長(とくちょう) Forte, Merit
凭れる(もたれる) To Lean Against
齎す(もたらす) To Bring About
大きな被害を齎す Cause Much Damage to...
紐が切れる(ひもがきれる) The String Breaks
紐を切る(ひもをきる) Break The String
電池が切れる(でんちがきれる) The Battery Dies
タバコが切れる(タバコがきれる) To Be Out of Cigarettes
賞味期限が切れる(しょうみきげんがきれる) Past the Best Before Date
痺れ(しびれ) Numbness, Going to Sleep (of a limb)
痺れが切れる(しびれがきれる) To Go Numb
電源を切る(でんげんをきる) Cut off the Power
水気(みずけ) Water Content, Moisture, Juiciness, Dampness
野菜の水気を切る(やさいのみずけをきる) To Drain The Water Off The Vegetables
スタートを切る To Make a Start
競走(きょうそう) Race, Racing
100メートル競走で10秒を切る(100メートルきょうそうで10びょうをきる) Run 100 Meters in Less Than 10 Seconds
ハンドルを右に切る(ハンドルをみぎにきる) Turn The Wheel To The Right
カードをよく切る Shuffle The Cards
俗語(ぞくご) Colloquialism, Slang
キレる To Get Angry (Colloquial), To Snap, To Blow One's Top, To Lose One's Temper, To Flip Out
染み(しみ) Stain, Spot, Smudge, Blot, Smear, Blotch​
染みがつく(しみがつく) To Get a Stain
水滴(すいてき) Drop of Water
窓ガラスに水滴がつく(まどガラスにすいてきがつく) There is Condensation on The Window
利子(りし) Interest (On a Loan, Deposit etc)
利子がつく(りしがつく) To Yield Interest
身につく(みにつく) To Master (A Skill), To Become Accustomed to (e.g. A Lifestyle), To Acquire (A Habit)
力をつける(ちからをつける) To Get Stronger, To Build Up One's Strength
差をつける(さをつける) To Establish a Lead
見当(けんとう) Guess, Estimate
見当をつける(けんとうをつける) To Make a Guess
目処がつく(めどがつく) There is Hope For, There is Prospect
決心がつく(けっしんがつく) To Make a Decision
決心する to come to a determination
折り目(おりめ) Fold, Crease
折り目をつける(おりめをつける) To Put A Crease in
味をつける(あじをつける) To Season, To Add Flavoring
額に手を当てる(ひたいにてをあてる) To Put Your Hand on Your Forehead
迷惑がかける(めいわくがかかる) To Be an Inconvenience, To Be a Bother
太陽に雲がかかる(たいようにくもがかかる) The Sun Goes Behind The Clouds
エンジンがかかる The Engine Starts and Picks up Pace
優勝がかかる(ゆうしょうがかかる) The Championship Depends on The Result of This Game
壁に絵をかける(かべにえをかける) To Hang a Picture on The Wall
腰を掛ける(こしをかける) To Take A Seat
橋を架ける(はしをかける) To Build A Bridge
架ける(かける) To Build (A Bridge), To Suspend Between Two Points
犬にブラシをかける(いぬにブラシをかける) To Brush The Dog
植木に水をかける(うえきにみずをかける) To Water The Plants
体重をかける(たいじゅうをかける) To Put Some Weight On
命を懸ける(いのちをかける) To Put One's Life on The Line, To Risk One's Life, To Put Everything One Has Into It
保険をかける(ほけんをかける) To Insure, To Guarantee
鍋を火をかける(なべをひをかける) To Put (A Pan) On The Stove
場所を取る(ばしょをとる) To Take Up Space, To Occupy Space
下準備(したじゅんび) Preliminary Arrangements
下準備に時間を取る(したじゅんびにじかんをとる) To Take Some Time to Prepare For
機嫌を取る(きげんをとる) To Butter Up, To Humor Someone, To Put in A Good Mood
税金を取られる(ぜいきんをとられる) To Have a Tax Imposed On You
ハンドルを取られる(ハンドルをとられる) To Lose Control of The Car
疲れが取れる(つかれがとれる) To Recover From Fatigue
売上が伸びる(うりあげがのびる) The Sales Go Up
才能を伸ばす(さいのうをのばす) To Develop One's Ability, To Develop One's Talent
負担(ふたん) Burden, Load, Responsibility
口が軽い(くちがかるい) Can't Keep A Secret, Speaking without Thinking
口が堅い(くちがかたい) Can Keep A Secret, Tight-Lipped
軽い気持ちで引き受ける(かるいきもちでひきうける) To Accept...Without Much Thinking
最近の学生は政治に暗い(さいきんのがくせいはせいじにくらい) Recently Students *Know Very Little About* Politics
政治に明るい Know A lot About Politics
芸術への関心が高い To Have a High Interest in Fine Arts
関心が低い To Have a Low Interest
格式(かくしき) Social Status, Social Standing
格式が高いホテル(かくしきがたかいホテル) A High-Class Hotel
稽古 (けいこ) Training, Practice
緩い(ゆるい) Loose, Lax, Lenient
日差し(ひざし) Rays of The Sun
きつい酒 Hard Liquor
目つき(めつき) Expression of The Eyes, Look
目つきがきつい(めつきがきつい) A Stern Look
不可能(ふかのう) Impossible
不愉快(ふゆかい) Unpleasant
不必要(ふひつよう) Unnecessary
不健康(ふけんこう) Unhealthy
無差別(むさべつ) Indiscriminate
無関心(むかんしん) Indifferent
無関係(むかんけい) Unrelated
無意識(むいしき) Unconscious
非常識(ひじょうしき) Lack of Common Sense
非公開(ひこうかい) Closed
非科学的(ひかがくてき) Unscientific
非公式(ひこうしき) Unofficial
未完成(みかんせい) Incomplete
未解決(みかいけつ) Unsolved
再出発(さいしゅっぱつ) A Fresh Start, Restart
再認識(さいにんしき) Seeing Something in A New Light, Recognizing Anew
再生産(さいせいさん) Reproduction (Economics)
再開発(さいかいはつ) Redevelopment
超満員(ちょうまんいん) Crowded Beyond Capacity
小型(こがた) Small Sized, Small Scale, Miniature
超小型(ちょうこがた) Ultra-Small, Micro-miniature
高カロリー(こうカロリー) High Calorie
高収入(こうしゅうにゅう) High Income
高気圧(こうきあつ) High Pressure
名場面(めいばめん) A Famous (Impressive) Scene
名女優(めいじょゆう) A Famous Actress, A Super Actress
名演奏(めいえんそう) A Super Performance
総人数(そうにんず) The Total Number of People
総収入(そうしゅうにゅう) Total Income
各クラス(かくクラス) Each Class
各家庭(かくかてい) Each Household
長持ち(ながもち) Long-Lasting
長生き(ながいき) Longevity, Long Life
元社長(もとしゃちょう) Ex-President (A Past President)
前社長(ぜんしゃちょう) (Ex-President The One Before The Current One)
元大臣(もとだいじん) (Ex-Minister (A Past Minister)
前大臣 (Ex-Minister The One Before The Current One)
故~(こ~) The Late (Deceased)
故田中社長 The Late President Tanaka
副作用(ふくさよう) Side Effect, Adverse Reaction
入学金(にゅうがくきん) (School) Admission Fee, Matriculation Fee
売上金(うりあげきん) Proceeds
入場料(にゅうじょうりょう) An Entrance Fee
運送料(うんそうりょう) A Shipping Charge
拝観料(はいかんりょう) Admission Fee (Visitors Fee)
宿泊費(しゅくはくひ) A Hotel Charge, A Lodging Expense
交通費(こうつうひ) Transportation Expenses
医療費(いりょうひ) Medical Expenses
借り賃, 貸し賃(かりちん, かしちん) A Rental Fee
電車賃(でんしゃちん) Train Fare
手間賃(てまちん) Labor Fee
予想外(よそうがい) Unexpected, Unforeseen
範囲外(はんいがい) Out of The Range
代表的(だいひょうてき) Exemplary, Representative, Notable
日常的(にちじょうてき) Mundane, Routine, Everyday, Day-to-day
進歩的(しんぽてき) Progressive
西洋風(せいようふう) Western-Style
関西風(かんさいふう) Kansai-Style
立体(りったい) Three-Dimensional Object, Solid Body
立体的 Three-Dimensional
立体感(りったいかん) Three-Dimensionality, 3-D Looking
立体的のある絵 A Painting That Looks 3-D
存在感(そんざいかん) Presence (Impressive Quality)
存在感がある人 A Person with a Great Presence
可能性(かのうせい) Possibility, Potentiality
可能性を試す Explore The Possibility
植物性(しょくぶつせい) Botanical, Vegetative
植物性の油(しょくぶつせいのあぶら) Vegetable Oil
日本製のカメラ(にほんせいのカメラ) A Camera Made in Japan
スチール製の机(スチールせいのつくえ) A Steel Desk
合理化(ごうりか) Rationalization
機械化(きかいか) Mechanization, Computerization
高齢化(こうれいか) The Aging of A Population
少子化(しょうしか) Declining Birth Rate
変わり目(かわりめ) A Turning Point, Transition
季節の変わり目 The Change of the Seasons
~ごと Including…, Inclusive of…, and all...
りんごを丸ごと齧る Bite into a whole apple
りんごを皮ごと食べる Eat an unpeeled apple
ケースごと宝石が盗まれた The Jewel Case and its Contents were stolen
~毎に(~ごとに) One By One, Each, At Intervals of
~置きに(~おきに) Repeated at Intervals
バスが5分おきに来る The Bus Runs Every 5 Minutes
1行おきに書く Write on Every Line
仕事振り(しごとぶり) The Way One Works
話し振り(はなしぶり) The Way One Speaks
身振り(みぶり) A Gesture
言葉づかい(ことばづかい) Someone's Wording, Language, Speech
金使い(かねづかい) Way of Spending Money
荒い(あらい) Wild, Violent, Reckless, Immoderate
人使い(ひとづかい) Handling One's Workmen, How One Treats Their Workers
使い熟す(つかいこなす) To Master (A Tool), To Acquire a Command of (a language)
パソコンを使いこなす Make Full Use of The Computer
着こなす(きこなす) To Dress Oneself Stylishly
顔つき(かおつき) (Outward) Looks, Features, Countenance
立て(たて) Just (Done), Freshly (Baked), Indicates Activity Only Just Occurred​
焼きたてのごはん Freshly Cooked Rice
焼きたてのパン Freshly Baked Bread
ペンキ塗りたて Fresh, Wet Paint
茹でたて(ゆでたて) To Boil (Something into Water), To Treat with Medical Steam (A Swelling etc)
ひき逃げ(ひきにげ) Hit and Run
お負け(おまけ) Freebie, Bonus, An Added Extra
引き止める(ひきとめる) To Detain, To Restrain
帰る人を引き止める To Keep The Person from Leaving
引き返す(ひきかえす) To Return, To Come Back, To Go Back
元の場所に引き返す To Return to It's Original Place
受け持つ(うけもつ) To Take Charge of
上級クラスを受け持つ To Teach an Advanced Class
売り出す(うりだす) To Put on The Market, To Begin Selling
取り上げる(とりあげる) To Take up (A Topic, A Complaint), To Listen to, To Deal with
取り入れる(とりいれる) To Incorporate, To Take in, To Adopt
取り組む(とりくむ) To Tackle (A Problem), To Work Hard on
取り扱う(とりあつかう) To Operate (A Machine), To Deal with (A Problem, A Person), To Handle
取り付ける(とりつける) To Install, To Furnish
取り外す(とりはずす) To Dismantle, To Detach
振り向く(ふりむく) To Turn Around, To Look Over One's Shoulder
持ち上げる(もちあげる) To Lift, To Elevate, To Raise
立て替える(たてかえる) To Pay in Advance, To Put Down Money on
追いかける(おいかける) To Chase After
追い付く(おいつく) To Catch up with
追い越す(おいこす) To Overtake (A Car), To Pass (A Car)
乗り過ごす(のりすごす) To Miss One's Stop (Train, Bus etc), To Ride Past
乗り越す(のりこす) To Ride Past (One's Stop), To Overshoot
乗り遅れる(のりおくれる) To Miss (A Train, A Bus), To Be Left Behind, To Fail to Keep Up with The Times
割り込む(わりこむ) To Cut in, To Thrust Oneself Into, To Wedge Oneself in
列に割り込む To Cut into The Line
思い付く(おもいつく) To Think of, To Come into One's Mind, To Be Struck with an Idea​
見つめる(みつめる) To Gaze at
見かける(みかける) To (Happen to) See, To Catch Sight of
見渡す(みわたす) To Take an Extensive View of, To Survey (A Scene)
書き留める(かきとめる) To Write Down, To Leave a Note Behind, To Chronicle, To Record
呼び出す(よびだす) To Summon, To Call (e.g. Phone)
呼びかける(よびかける) To Call Out to, To Address, To Appeal
語句(ごく) Words, Phrases
目に見えて(めにみえて) Noticeably, Remarkably
目を向ける(めをむける) To Shift One's Attention to, To Shift One's Focus on
目が離せない(めがはなせない) Having to Keep a Watchful Eye on
目に付く(めにつく) Noticeable, To Catch One's Eye
目に付く所に置く Put in a place where it's easy for people to see
目がない(めがない) Extremely Fond of, Having a Weakness for, Being a Sucker for
甘い物に目がない To Have a Sweet Tooth
目に浮かぶ(めにうかぶ) To Picture, To Come into One's Mind, To Remember​
目を通す(めをとおす) To Scan, To Look Over
目を盗む(めをぬすむ) To Do Something Behind Someone's Back, To Do Something Stealthily
目にあう(めにあう) To Experience (Something Unpleasant), To Go Through, To Suffer
耳にする(みにする) To Hear By Chance, To Hear By Accident
耳が痛い(みみがいたい) Being Painfully-True (e.g. Reprimand), Making One's Ears Burn, Striking Home (e.g. Remark)​
耳が遠い(みみがとおい) Poor Hearing
耳を貸して(みみをかして) Lend Me Your Ears
耳が早い(みみがはやい) Being The First to Hear Something
耳を疑う(みみをうたがう) To Not Believe One's Ears
口がうまい(くちがうまい) Smooth Talker, Honey Mouthed
口に合わない(くちにあわない) To Not Match Your Personal Taste
口にする(くちにする) To Taste, To Eat, To Drink, To Speak (of), To Refer to
口に出す(くちにだす) To Put into Words, To Express
顔がきく(かおがきく) To Have A lot of Influence, To Be Well Known
顔が広い(かおがひろい) Having a Large, Diverse Circle of Acquaintances, Well Connected
顔を貸す(かおをかす) To Grant a Person a Moment
顔を出す(かおをだす) To Make an Appearance, To Turn Up
頭に来る(あたまにくる) To Get Pissed Off, To Be Highly Offended, To Lose One's Cool
頭を下げる(あたまをさげる) To Apologize, To Bow One's Head
手を付ける(てをつける) To Start Work on
問題に手を付ける To Start Working on The Problem
手が空く(てがあく) To Be Free, To Be Available
手が空いたら、来てください If You're Free Please Come
手が掛かる(てがかかる) To Be A Handful, To Take A Lot of Dealing with
手がない(てがない) To Be Understaffed, Not Having Enough Workers
手が離せない(てがはなせない) Being Unable To Leave The Work at Hand, Being Right in The Middle of Something
手が塞がる(てがふさがる) To Be Busy, To Be Tied Up Doing Something
手に掛かる(てにかかる) To Place Oneself in Someone's Power, To Fall Into Someone's Hand
こんな病気、医者の手にかかればすぐ治る If you go to the doctors you'll be fine
手に付かない(てにつかない) To Be Unable To Concentrate (Due to Distractions)
気が合う(きがあう) To Get Along (with Someone)
気が重い(きがおもい) To Be Bummed, To Be Depressed, Heavy-Hearted
気が利く(きがきく) To Be Sensible, To Be Tasteful​, To Be Tactful
気が利いた冗談を言う To Tell A Witty Joke
気がする(きがする) To Have A Certain Feeling, Mood
今、甘いものを食べる気がしない I don't feel like eating sweets right now
気が進む(きがすすむ) To Be Willing To Do, To Be Inclined To Do
気が進まない(きがすすまない) Not Inclined To, Disinclined, Unwilling​, Reluctant To
気に掛かる(きにかかる) To Weigh on One's Mind, To Be Worried About (Something)​
息子のことが気にかかる I Can't Take My Mind Off of My Son
気に食わない(きにくわない) Displeased with, Unable to Stomach
気に入る(きにいる) To Be Pleased with
気を落とす(きをおとす) To Get Discouraged, To Be Disheartened
気を使う(きをつかう) To Pay Attention to Someone's Needs, To Attend To
上司に気を使う To Make a lot of Effort to Satisfy One's Boss
気を悪くする(きをわるくする) To Feel Offended, To Feel Hurt By
気を悪くしない To Not Feel Offended
こんなことを言いましたが、気を悪くしないでください。 Please don't feel offended by what I said
腕がいい(うでがいい) Skilled, Able
腕が上がる(うでがあがる) To Improve, To Gain Skill in, To Get Better
腕が落ちる To Get Worse, To Not Improve
腕を磨く(うでをみがく) To Polish One's Skills
もっとうまくなるように腕磨こう Let's Practice More So We Can Improve
足を伸ばす(あしをのばす) To Relax and Stretch One's Legs Out, To Go For A Further Walk
京都まで足を伸ばそう Let's Extend Our Trip to Include Kyoto
足を運ぶ(あしをはこぶ) To Go, To Come, To Turn Up (at a Meeting, Event etc.), To Show Up
足が出る(あしがでる) To Exceed The Budget
予算から足が出る To be Over Budget
子供が母親のあとをついていく A Child is Following His Mother
母親の買い物についていく To Go Shopping with One's Mother
彼の考えにはついていけない I can't go along with his idea
付いてる(ついてる) To Be in Luck, To Be Lucky
今日は付いてる Today is My Lucky Day
いける To Be Good (at), To Go Well, To Look (Taste etc.) Good​, To Hold One's Liquor
私は、日本酒はダメですが、ビールはいけます I can't drink Sake, but beer is okay
この料理はなかなかいける This dish is quite good
拘る(こだわる) To Fuss Over, To Be Particular About, To Be Obsessed About, To Be Fixated On
つまらないことに拘る To Fuss Over Small Details
材料に拘って料理を作る Choose Good Ingredients for Cooking
真面(まとも) Honesty, Directness, Decency, Normality
まともな生活をする To Live A Decent Life
まともな人間なら、そんなことはしない A Normal Human Being Wouldn't Do Such a Thing
碌な(ろくな) Satisfactory, Decent
最近、碌な仕事がない There are No Decent Jobs These Days
碌に(ろくに) Well, Enough, Sufficiently
妻は碌に料理を作らない My Wife Doesn't Cook Enough
あっという間に(あっというあいだに) In The Blink of An Eye, Just like that
あれこれ/あれやこれや/何だかんだ This and That, One Thing or Another
覚え(おぼえ) Memory, Sense, Experience
見聞き(みきき) Hearing and Listening, Experience, Observation
行き来(いきき) Coming and Going, Keeping in Touch, Visiting Each Other
貸し借り(かしかり) Lending and Borrowing
付け外し(つけはずし) Detachable
脱ぎ着(ぬぎき) Dressing and Undressing, Taking Off and Putting on Clothes
読み書き(よみかき) Reading and Writing
行き帰り(いきかえり) Going and Returning (e.g. Work, School)
仕事の行き帰りにコンビニに寄る Drop By A Convenience Store on The Way to or From Work
少し様子をみましょう(すこしようすをみましょう) Let's See How it Goes
そんなつもりはありません That's Not What I Meant
困った時はお互い様です We Help Each Other at Difficult Times
ノリが良い Good at Playing Along, Up for Anything, Carefree, Social, Positive, Uplifting, Upbeat
ノリが悪い Difficult To Get Into​, Not Be Easily Influenced into Joining Some Mood or Activity
今一(いまいち) One More, Another, The Other
ばらす To Expose, To Lay Open (e.g. A Secret)
秘密をばらす To Expose a Secret
パクる To Snatch, To Swindle, To Steal (An Idea, A Work etc), To Plagiarize
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