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solar system final

solar system final - Practice questions for Solar system Final test

Which planet is the largest in our solar system Jupiter
which is the closest planet to the sun Mercury
which planet is the second planet closest to the sun Venus
which planet is the third planet from the sun Earth
Which planet is the fourth planet from the sun Mars
which planet is the fifth planet from the sun Jupiter
which is the sixth planet from the sun Saturn
which planet is the seventh planet from the sun Uranus
which planet is the eighth planet from the sun Neptune
Which 4 planets are terrestrial planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and mars
which terrestrial planet only has one moon Earth
Which planet is known as the red planet Mars
Which 2 dwarf planets can be found in the Kuiper Belt Pluto and Eris
Which dwarf planet can be found in the Asteroid Belt Ceres
what is found in the center of the solar system The Sun
which planet rotates side ways as it revolves around the sun Uranus
which planet has the most rings Saturn
Between which 2 planets can you find the Asteroid Belt Mars and Jupiter
What is the largest object in the solar system The sun
what does the rotation of earth on its axis cause Day and Night
If the Northern Hemisphere of earth is tilted away from the sun which season is it experiencing winter
About how much of earth is covered in water about three fourth or about 75%
How long does it take for earth to rotate on its axis 1 day or 24 hours
what is an orbit the path one objects takes around another object in space
what makes up our solar system the sun and all the objects in space that revolve around the sun
what is caused by Earths tilt on its axis as it orbits the sun seasons
why is pluto no longer considered a planet it has not cleared its path as it orbits the sun
which astronaut landed on the moon in 1974 and hit golf balls wile he was there Alan Shepard
Who was the first American women in 1983 to orbit Earth Sally Ride
Who was the First American to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong
who was the first American to orbit Earth and also went back into space to help research and study of weightlessness on older people John Glenn
Which space project was sent to Pluto New Horizon
Which space project took 15 nations working together to build The International space station
which space telescope was launched in 1990 into space and is still in operation today The Hubble space telescope
which 4 planets are gas planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
During which season does the sun make a giant high arc across the sky summer
During which season does the sun shine more directly on Earth but covers less land surface summer
During which season does the sun shine less directly on Earth and cover more land surface winter
During which season does the sun make a lower arc in the Sky winter
In which direction does the sun begin to rise on Earth each morning the east
In which direction does the sun begin to set on Earth each night the west
Created by: christophernoah9