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1st Semester Vocab

Conductor material that allows electric current or heat energy to flow through easily
Insulator material that slows down or stops electric current or heat from flowing
Relative density objects that are more dense sink in water and objects that are less dense float in water
Solubility measurement of the ability of a solid to dissolve in a liquid
Mixture combination of two or more substances where each keep their own properties and can be easily separated
Solution mixture of one substance dissolved evenly in another
Dissolve to become absorbed in a liquid, mixed evenly
Mechanical Energy energy produced by a machine or moving part
Open Circuit an electrical circuit that is not complete
Closed Circuit an electrical circuit that is complete
Switch opens and closes an electrical circuit
Series Circuit Electrical circuit that only has one pathway. If one bulb or device breaks or is removed the entire circuit is opened and does not work.
Parallel Circuit Electrical circuit that has more than one pathway. If one bulb or device breaks or is removed the electric circuit can continue working by using an alternate closed pathway.
Electromagnet magnet created by running electric current through a piece of metal. It can be turned on and off by stopping the electric current.
Gram metric unit that measures mass
Meter metric unit that measures length
Refraction energy waves that bend (change direction and speed) as they pass from one type of object to another type
Reflection energy waves bouncing off the surface of an object
Transmit to pass through a substance or object without being absorbed
Mirror any object that has a reflective surface
Absorb to take in all light; no light goes through
Medium Matter that energy travels through
Lens a clear piece of curved glass or plastic that bends passing light to focus or spread the light rays
Orbit the path one object takes as it revolves around another object in space
Tides rising and falling of the sea ocean caused by the gravity of the Moon
Waxing the moon at any time after the new moon and before the full moon; the lit portion of the moon is increasing
Waning the moon at any time after the full moon and before the new moon; the lit portion of the moon is decreasing
Full Moon when we can see 100% of the lit up side of the moon
New Moon when we can see 0% of the lit up side of the moon
Weather describes the condition of the air outdoors such as temperature, cloud cover, wind speed, and rainfall
Climate average weather condition of a region year after year
Created by: acaruthers