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Cell Unit Review


What are the three parts of the cell theory? 1) All living organisms are made of cells 2) All cells come from existing cells 3) The cell is the most basic unit of life
What word means "Tiny organ"? The word "Tiny organ", means organelle
What are the three organelles found in a plant cell but nit in an animal cell? Chloroplasts, cell wall, and a large central vacuole
What are the three differences between a prokaryotic cell and a eukaryotic cell? A eukaryotic cell has a distinct membrane bound organelle, has visible organelles throughout the cell, has a nucleus. The prokaryotic cell doesn't have nucleus, DNA is visible throughout the cell, and has no membrane bound organelle
Robert Hooke Was the first scientist to identify cells and name them and studied cork
Anton Van Leeuwenhoek improved the microscope and named small creatures found in ponds animalcules
Schleiden Schwann and Virchow Helped form the cell theory
What is the difference between a function and a structure a structure is the shape of a certain object, and a function is a job that certain object has
Nucleus Contains the cells chromosomes
Cell membrane protects the cell and regulates molecules entering and leaving the cell
Cytoplasm helps hold the cells organelles in place
Mitochondrion generates most of the chemical energy needed to power the cells bio-chemical reactions
Ribosomes Creates proteins for the cell
Central vacuole stores waste products and maintains the pH level of the cell
Chloroplasts converts sunlight into energy by a process called photosynthesis in the plant cell
Cell wall Main barrier for the plant cell
Golgi apparatus helps process and package proteins and lipid molecules
what are the five levels of organization from simple to complex Cells-tissues-organs-organ system-organism
What is the most basic form of life A cell
What organelle is found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? Ribosomes
What is a network of proteins that supports and gives shape to the cell cytoskeleton
What is the main function of the golgi apparatus process and deliver proteins
Wat organel can be found in the cytoplasm and on the surface of the endoplasm reticulum ribosomes
Which organelle contains enzymes that break down damaged parts of the the cell lysosomes
A cell Basic unit of life
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