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Med Term Ch. 15


calco calcio
kypho humpback, hunchback (posterior curvature in the thoracic region)
lamino lamina (part of the vertebral arch)
lordo curve, swayback (anterior curvature in the lumbar region)
lumbo loins, lower back
myelo bone marrow
ortho straight
osteo bone
scoli crooked, bent (lateral curvature)
spondylo vertebra
vertebro vertebra
-blast embryonic or immature cell
-clast to break
-listhesis slipping
-malacia softening
-physis to grow
-porosis pore, passage
-tome instrument to cut
acetabulo acetabulum (hip socket)
calcaneo calcaneus (heel)
carpo carpals (wrist bones)
claviculo clavicle (collar bone)
costo ribs (true ribs, false ribs, and floating ribs)
cranio cranium (skull)
femoro femur (thigh bone)
fibulo fibula (smaller lower leg bone)
humero humerus (upper arm bone)
ilio ilium (upper part of pelvic bone)
ischio ischium (posterior part of pelvic bone)
malleolo malleolus (process on each side of the ankle)
mandibulo mandible (lower jaw bone)
maxillo maxilla (upper jaw bone)
metacarpo metacarpals (hand bones)
metatarso metatarsals (foot bones)
olecrano olecranon (elbow)
patello patella (kneecap)
pelvi pelvis (hipbone)
peroneo fibula
phalango phalanges (finger and/or toe bones)
pubo pubis (anterior part of the pelvic bone)
radio radius (lower arm bone- thumb side)
scapulo scapula (shoulder blade)
sterno sternum (breastbone)
tarso tarsals (bones of the hindfoot)
tibio tibia (shin bone)
ulno ulna (lower arm bone- little finger side)
ankylo stiff
arthro joint
articulo joint
burso bursa
chondro cartilage
ligamento ligament
rheumato watery flow
synovo synovial membrane
teno tendon
tendino tendon
-desis to bind, tie together
-stenosis narrowing
fascio fascia (forms sheaths enveloping muscles)
fibro fibrous connective tissue
leiomyo smooth (visceral) muscle that lines the walls of the internal organs
myo muscle
myocardio heart muscle
myoso muscle
planto sole of the foot
rhabdomyo skeletal (striated) muscle connected to bones
-asthenia lack of strength
-trophy development, nourishment
ab- away from
ad- toward
dorsi- back
poly- many, much
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