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Biology final

What is the role of spindle fibers during mitosis? Making daughter cells look identical
If a cell has 24 chromosomes how many will each of its daughter cells have after mitosis? 12
During which phase of the cell cycle does DNA replicate? S-phase
If a somatic cell has 48 chromosomes how many chromosomes will exist in each of its gametes? 24
Which best describes what happens to the chromosome when typical male and female combine to produce offspring. The sperm cell and the egg combine to produce a zygote.
Compare and contrast sexual and asexual reproduction. 1. Asexual is faster Sexual is slower 2. Asexual requires 1 parent. Sexual requires 2 3. Sexual cells creates through meiosis asexual creates through mitosis 4. More complex with asexual less complex with sexual
How does fertilization restore the number of diploid chromosomes? Restored the number of chromosomes to 46
What are the subunits of DNA and RNA? Sugar-phosphate and nucleotide
What is the complementary sequence of mRNA to: TAC-CCC-TTG AUG-GGG-UUC
What is the base pair rule for DNA? ATGC
What is the primary function of having insulin on our bodies? What what body system is this apart of? Helping it take in glucose. Digestive
When I get to much salt a signal tells my to drink water. What type of feedback is this? Negative feedback
When I pick up a flower I sneeze. What body system causes this reaction? Immune system
When I was planting I cut me finger. What type of feedback is this? Negative feedback
What happens to the rate of cellular respiration if CO2 increases? Stays the same
What are the Reactants of cellular respiration? ATP- CO2-O2
What are all the products of photosynthesis? Light-CO2-O2
What are 2 energy storing molecules? Give an example of each. Carbohydrates-Grapes Lipids- Veggie oil
What type of molecules combine to make up amylase? Glucose
Why kind of macromolecule is amylase? Carbohydrates
Created by: ZZac
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