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Final study guide

Final study guide for Biology

Which organelle does not break down waste efficiently with Tay Sach's Disease? Lysosome
What indicator would be used to identify the macromolecule released by the smooth ER? Sudan Red (lipids)
Your DNA contains the monomer nucleotide, which element is distinct for the nucleotide? Phosphorus
Where in the body would you find an abundance of mitochondria? Muscle cells
Which substance would give you energy for the day, and help build muscle? Yogurt
What organelle helps the cell maintain homeostasis? Cell membrane
Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes have a similar organelle. What is the function of that organelle? Synthesis Proteins
What would happen if I had a diet rich in bread, rice, and pasta? I would gain weight by storing energy from polysaccharides
How do you test for a protein? Use biuret reagant
How do you test for a carb? Use benedict's solution
How do you test for a polysaccharide? Use lugol's solution
How do you test for a lipid? Use the bag and oil test
What are the electron carriers in Cellular Respiration? NADH and FADH2
In both the chloroplast and mitochondria, what are electron carriers used to generate across the membrane? Concentration gradient
What would happen in photosystem 2 if plants were covered in salt? Water would not get broken down
What is the difference between active transport and passive transport? Active transport uses ATP
What is hypotonic? Water enters the cell
What is hypertonic? Water leaves the cell
What protein uses the hydrogen ions as fuel to make energy? ATP synthase
Where does the Calvin Cycle take place? The stroma
What happens when you get a cramp? There is too little oxygen circulating in your system causing little ATP production
What is unique about the process of photosynthesis and cellular respiration? They are opposites
In an intestinal cell in a grasshopper contains 24 chromosomes, then a grasshopper sperm cell contains how many chromosomes? 12
What is not a function of mitosis in humans? Production of gametes from diploid cells
Why is it difficult to observe individual chromosomes during interphase? They are in the form of long, thin strands
What is it called when a part of a chromosome breaks off and reattaches in reverse direction? Inversion
When does DNA double? Between the G1 and G2 phases of the cell cycle
What is the mitotic spindle? A microfilament
Why are people with an extra chromosome 21 more common than people with other extra chromosomes? Extra copies of other things are probably fatal
What is an advantage of sexual reproduction compared to asexual reproduction? Sexual reproduction procures genetic diversity
What is it called when you have 2 alleles that code for three different phenotypes? Incomplete dominance
If Edward was heterozygous for sickle-cell, where would the letters be found? On homologous chromosomes
What is it when a white and a black cat have spotted kittens? codominance
What is if there are three different genes with two alleles each that code for skin tone? Polygenic inheritance
Can we assume that the lower level of dirt is older without taking the radioactive decay rate of the rocks and bones? No because tectonic plates can move and shift the height of older layers
How do scientists use radioactive dating and relative dating? Scientists use radioactive dating to get an age range and relative dating to associate that range with fossils in a similar layer
What might have occurred when a dog and a human have similar bones in their legs? Divergent evolution
What would cause an animal to be able to fly? The animal lived in an environment that was selected for flight
What type of comparative anatomy are bat wings and moth wings? Analogous structures
Why do species have vestigial structures? The structures were useful to ancestors but are not currently useful
Which scenario shows survival of the fittest? A bird's eyesight increases to hunt small animals more accurately
When does speciation occur? When two populations can no longer produce fertile offspring
Founder effect is an example of which type of isolation? Geographic isolation
What is it called when the size of a population decreases? Bottleneck effect
Which physical trait would an animal develop to adapt to a desert environment? Water-conserving system
What is it called when two species mate at different times of the year? Temporal isolation
What is an example of artificial selection? A farmer selects two cows to breed
Why were Darwin's finches significant in understanding natural selection? Each finch had adapted to a unique environment
Which effect best describes the evolution of Darwin's finches? Founder effect
Why do many aquatic plants lack woody tissue? Aquatic plants must bend due to water currents
Which nutrient's cycle does not occur in the atmosphere? Phosphorus
What is the process of Nitrification? When bacteria change Nitrogen into Nitrates
What is it called when plants uptake nitrates and phosphates? Assimilation
Why do prey have eyes located on the sides of their head? So that they have a wider visual range
Why would a medium amount of disturbance help an ecosystem grow? It would increase biodiversity through reducing competition and encouraging natural selection
What succession would occur in an area of bedrock? Primary succession
Who much energy does a trophic level provide to a higher-level organism? 10%
Most of the energy an organism gets from consuming food is lost as? Heat
What limits the growth potential in an S curve? Carrying capacity
What is the survivorship trend for type 1 species? They have a few children but most live to post reproductive age
What type of survivorship would a mosquito be? Type III
Created by: alexprice
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