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Unit 1 Lessons 7-8


A natural change to an ecosystem occurs when a severe drought causes plants to die.
After a forest fire, new plants and those that were not burned will ______ because the fire released nutrients into the soil. grow faster
Some animals hibernate during the winter because they cannot find enough food.
Climate change can cause changes to ecosystems. What can happen to organisms that do not change with their ecosystems? They can disappear from Earth.
Two ways that climate change would affect this polar bear. They would have to move to land sooner than usual because the sea ice would melt earlier and they might also run out of stored food in the summer before the next ice freeze.
This tree is losing its leaves during the fall. After all its leaves fall to the ground, the tree branches will be bare for the winter. Then new leaves will grow in the spring. How can scientists predict these events will happen? seasonal changes occur in a cycle
A ___________________ changes the environment for a long period of time. disturbance
____________ is a type of disturbance. a flood
How do plants prepare for winter? dormancy
____________ is when animals move in a cycle to fit their needs. migration
How much of the goods that you need are made or produced using natural resources? 100%
Anything that people add to the environment that harms living things is considered _________. pollution
All the goods and services people need or want are either made of __________ or produced using them. natural resources
After an ecosystem has been destroyed, it sometimes can be restored.
A(n) ________ species is a non-native organism that causes harm to the environment. invasive
One way that pollution is harmful to an ecosystem. pollution can kill living things, which changes food chains and food webs.
Does a factory such as this oil refinery have a positive or negative effect on ecosystems, and why? A negative effect, because factories produce pollution which harm living things
What kind of changes can humans make on an ecosystem? more negative than positive
Which of the following is a positive change humans can create? planting trees
Air pollution is caused by cars and factories burning fuel.
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