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Bio Terms

Diploid Body
Haploid Gametes
Chromatid The 2 thread like strands
Chromosomes Thread like structure of DNA
Chromatin Proteins, RNA and DNA
Centromere Holds DNA together
Prokaryote Bacteria, cells without nucleus
Eukaryote Animal, plant, etc. has nucleus
Binary fission Asexual replication organism duplicates itself
Mitosis Division of cells
List the phases of interphase Growth, DNA Replication, Growth and prep for mitosis
What stage to cells spend most of their life in Interphase
Spindle Fibers moves chromatins during miosis
Plant Cytokinesis cell plate separates the cells
Animal cytokinesis Cell Membrane separates
Egg production/formation 1,oogenesis
Sperm production/formation spermatogenesis, 4
RNA vs DNA DNA is genetic code RNA helps duplicate DNA
Base Pairing in RNA AU, CG
Base pairing in DNA AT, CG
What proofreads and helps build DNA RNA
DNA shape Double Helix
DNA nucleotide is composed of nitrogen
Types of RNA and their jobs mRNA=chemical blueprint for proteins tRNA=binds amino acids and transfers to ribosome
Promoters Start the region of replication
Termination signals Sequence of amino acids
Number of Amino Acids 20
Polypeptide Chain of protein molecules
Codon mRNA
Anticodon tRNA
What would happen if you changed the DNA sequence The DNA would become mutated
All life uses the same DNA. Why does everything look different The sequence is different
Name a cell that doesn't divide Red blood cells
Source of stem cell Bone Marrow and Embryo
Use of stem cells to heal or replace tissue
Transcription is The process of creating RNA
Translation The process of creating amino acids
Order of DNA, tRNA, mRNA DNA, mRNA, tRNA
What packs DNA into a tiny space Nucleotides
Asexual reproduction An organism that reproduces by itself
Sexual reproduction An organism that reproduces with another organism
Cell Cycle Growth, DNA rep., Growth and prep for mitosis, Mitosis, Cytokinesis
Job of spindle fibers Control the movements and segregation of the chromosomes
Replication is Creating the exact copy of DNA
Cyclin protein that controls cell division
Why do cells have to divide reproduce or growth or creating sex cells
When do cancer cells divide and normal cells do not Cancer divides more rapidly
Cell cycle order G1, S, G2, M, C
List the initials of the stages of mitosis in order PMAT (Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase)
Who discovered the shape of DNA Rosanne Franklin
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