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Physiographic Provinces of Virginia and Natural Resources

What are the natural resources in each of the Physiographic Provinces. Coast plains - Scallops and shark teeth | Piedmont - Metamorphic rock | Blue ridge - Igneous and metamorphic | Valley and ridge - Limestone | Appalachian plateau - Coal
What can be done to decrease the damage to the environment by strip mining? Put the land back to the way it was before the strip mining
What causes most of the climate changes that we see happening? The green house effect and pollution
What can geothermal energy in Virginia be used for? To generate electricity for Virginia
What is karst topography and which province has the most karst? Lime stone. Caves and sink holes. The valley and ridge
What are the renewable resources and what are the benefits of using renewable resources? Coal, oil, and natural gas. They are beneficial because you can use them more than once
What harm is done to the environment by hydroelectric dams? The dams can effect the homes and habitats of living things near the dams area.
What are the Physiographic Provinces and where are they located? Appalachian plateau, Valley and ridge, Blue ridge, Piedmont, Coastal plain. They are located in Virginia.
What are the benefits and problems with using fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are easy to get but pollute the area
What is the process needed for coal to form? Several trees and forests over lap and become under pressure. After millions of years it makes coal.
How does each province’s location effect its climate? Location of the factories burning natural gas and coal (global warming)
What are the river watersheds and which one is the most watched by people concerned about the environment? Rapprochement, York. and James rivers are some of the main oceans. The James river is seen the most from people because its the biggest
What province has the most sand and gravel? Coastal Plains
What province has the most coal? Appalachian Plateau
Created by: Gabbie452303