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Chapter 20

DNA Tools and Biotechnology

biotechnology the manipulation of organisms or their components to make useful products
nucleic acid hybridization the base pairing of one strand of a nucleic acid to a complementary sequence on a strand from a different nucleic acid molecule
genetic engineering the direct manipulation of genes for practical purposes
DNA Sequencing the DNA first cut into fragments, and then each fragment is sequenced
Next-generation sequencing (Steps 1-4) - DNA is fragmented -Fragments are isolated from aqueous solution -PCR copy, using template strand -bead placed into small well with DNA Polymerase & primers to hybridize 3' strand
Next-generation sequencing (Steps 5-8) - Different sequenced DNA fragments -nucleotide joins growing strand -nucleotide is washed off and a different nucleotide is added - washes are repeated; reveals sequence;completed complementary strand
DNA cloning preparing well-defined segments of DNA in multiple identical copies
plasmids small,circular DNA molecules that are replicated
recombinant DNA a molecule containing DNA from two different sources, very often different species
gene cloning the production of multiple copies of a single gene is a type of DNA cloning
cloning vector DNA molecule that can carry foreign DNA into a host cell and be replicated there.
What are two purposes of gene cloning? to make many copies of, or amplify a particular gene and to produce a protein product from it.
What are the four steps to Gene cloning? - Gene inserted into plasmid (vector) -Plasmid in bacterial cell - Host cell cultures clone of cells with gene of interest - applications
what do restriction enzymes protect? bacterial cell by cutting up foreign DNA from other organisms or phages
Using restriction enzyme and DNA ligase to make recombinant DNA plasmid -restriction enzyme cuts sugar phosphate backbones at each arrow -DNA fragment from other sources are added. Base pairing of sticky ends produces various combinations - DNA ligase seals the strands
The key to the high specificity is the pair of __ used for each PCR amplification primers
stem cell relatively unspecialized cell that can both reproduce itself indefinitely and, under appropriate conditions, differentiate into specialized cells of one or more types
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