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Science 3-3

Heredity is..... The passing of traits from parents to offspring
What genes are located in the Eukaryotic cell DNA
What parts of a space suit keeps an astronaut alive Oxygen system
What must astronauts do to offset the effects of low gravity Exercise regularly
What does microgravity do to the body It makes the blood spread more and less in feet, Bones get smaller and weaker, muscles get smaller and weaker
Who is the BOTANIST that studied pea plants Gregor Mendel
A distinguishing quality that is passed down by Heredity Trait
Trait that covers up another trait Dominate trait
In asexual reproduction are genes identical or different. Identical
Julia’s kitten carries both recessive and dominant genes for her kitttens hair color you can conclude that The dominant trait will show
Lilly’s mother dog has different hair than half of the litter what is responsible for that Sexual reproduction
Gregor Mendel didn’t study which one? The time it takes to germinate, height of plant, color of flower, color of seed Germinate
Where are genes located Nucleus
Variation of offspring Sexual
Black poodles gave birth to a litter of poodles with black coats what does this illusrate Many of species traits remain the same through generations
Twisted ladder is DNA
T or F less gravity weaker bone and muscles T
What is not an inherited trait Getting a cut
What does a chromosome contain DNA
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