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NRTC55 Chapter 20

Reproductive/Urinary Meds Review

Female hormone med have what 3 names? Estrogen, estradiol, progestin
Side effects for female HRT increased r/o clot, increased r/o breast cancer, irregular menstrual bleeding
What should not happen in post menopausal women and should be reported? Vaginal bleeding
Progestin targets what female body part? Uterus
How long should HRT be? 3-4 years
Common SE of OC HTN and breakthrough bleeding
What is an important teaching regarding OC and other meds? Decreases effectiveness of OC and other contraceptive action must be taken
What is priapism and what med can cause this? painful erection lasting more than 4h, -- PDE5 (sildenafil, taldalifil, vardenafil)
What is the primary use for OC? Prevention of pregnancy
What female hormone also treats prostate cancer? Estrogen
Avoid donation of blood after which drug? finasteride
sildenafil can be given to women to treat what? pulmonary HTN
what does tamulosin treat in men? BPH
How long does finasteride take to be therapeutic? 6 mo
What should you instruct when patient misses a dose of OC? Should this be followed when more than one missed dose? take that day's dose with the missed dose; NO
Nursing interventions for all diuretics monitor I&O, daily weights, monitor electrolyte levels, fall precautions
Which diuretic is most extensive/effective Loop Diuretics (furosemide)
First line of tx for HTN (diuretic) hydrochlorothiazide
When the renal system is impaired what diuretic is NOT given Thiazides
Take diuretics at what time of day? (preferably) AM
DDAVP or desmopression is given to treat what enuresis
oxybutynin is to alleviate what bladder spasms
Osmotic diuretics are given for what increased ICP
Spironolactone is what kind of drug potassium sparing diuretic
Whats the risk with spironolactone Hyperkalemia
Where are gonadotropic drugs produced? pituitary gland
Furosemide causes what that should be immediately reported? hearing loss or tinnitus--- drug is ototoxic
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