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End of 3/3 Mus. mj

End of Musculoskeletal Notes 3/3 mj

Deep Vein Thrombosis caused by Virchow's Triad
Virchow's Triad Venous stasis, vessel damage, and altered clotting
Prevention of DVT anti-embolism stocking (Ted Hose), compression devices and eary ambulation
Compartment Syndrome serious complication that results from internal or external pressure on the affected area.
Can be caused by bleeding or edema into a compartment Internal pressure
Can be caused by a cast or tight dressing External pressure
Within 4 to 6 hours, irreversible muscle damage may occur
Can occur in 24 hours, partial paralysis
Can occur in 24 to 48 hours, complete paralysis
Avascular Necrosis bone cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, they die and the cell walls collaspe.
necrosis no blood supply
Malunion improper alignment of the bone ends resulting in external deformity
Nonunion facture that never heals
Delayed union failure of the fracture to heal in teh expected time.
Closed reduction nonsurgical reduction of the bones
may be done with traction, angulation, rotation or a combination of these. nonsurgical reduction
Open Reduction surgical procedure where the bones are realigned.
Fixation an attempt to attach the fragments of the bone together when reduction alone is not feasible.
Internal fixation use of rods, pins, screws or metal plates to align the bone placed under the skin.
External fixation use of rods, pins, screws or metal plates to align the bone placed to an external frame.
Casting Plaster of Paris, Fiberglass
Least expensive cast Plaster of Paris
plaster of paris lift with only the palms during the drying time to prevent pressure areas.
short leg cast fracture of the foot, ankle, or distal tibia or fibula
long leg cast fracture of the distal femur, knee or lower leg
hip spica cast fractures of the femur, acetabulum or pelvis.
short arm cast fracture of the wrist or hand
long arm cast fracture of the forearm, elbow or humerus
Created by: vmichellejones
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