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Science 7 Test

Science 7 Vocab. test

What are properties of Metals High-Luster, Sold at room temp, Malleable, Ductility
Characteristics of Matter can be chemical of physical change Properties
Any substance that has mass and takes up space Matter
The amount of Matter in an object Mass
Examples of physical properties that are a non-metal Poor thermal conductors, Little or no metallic luster, High ionization energies
How to change from a gas to a liquid Condensation
How to change from a liquid to a gas Boiling point
The basic unit of matter that is made up of the same type of atom Element
Can be stretched into a wire without breaking Ductility
The amount of space an object takes up Volume
Name physical properties of metals luster, shiny, ductile
How to go from a liquid to a solid Freezing point
How to change from a solid to a liquid Melting Point
2 or more elements or compounds that are physically combined Mixture
2 or more elements combined to form different substances with different properties Compound
A property of Matter that can be seen when a reaction takes place chemical property
An intensive physical property when the matter can be shaped and the flattened without breaking Malleability
an intensive physical property where the matter will break but is hard Brittleness
An intensive physical property where the matter has shiny surfaces that glow because they reflect light luster
The method is used to separate colors. If a color is made out of the same compound. Chromatography
This method takes advantage of the physical properties of the state of matter or partial size Filtration
Vaporizing a liquid and leaving the dissolved solids behind used to separate salt salutations Distillation
More dense components sink to the bottom and less dense components float. This can be used to separate them. Density
The separation of a mixture of liquids based on the physical property of boiling point Evaporation
Often by hand witch could be called manual separation takes advantages of physical properties such as color or shape Mechanical Separation
Takes advantage of the physical properties of a magnet Magnetic Seperation
Created by: Logan-M