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Unit 2, Chapter 8

Unit 2, Ch. 8 key terms--Alison Miles

ACCREDITATION process by which a professional association or nongovernmental agency grants recognition to a school or institution for demonstrated ability to meet predetermined criteria
CHANGE OF SHIFT REPORT report that occurs between two scheduled nursing work shifts. Nurses communicate information about their assigned patients to nurses working on the next shift of duty
FLOW SHEETS Documents on which frequent observations or specific measurements are recorded
GRAPHIC RECORDS charting mechanism that allows for the recording of vital signs and weight in such a manner that caregivers can quickly note changes in the patient’s status
INCIDENT REPORT confidential document that describes any patient accident while the person is on the premises of a health care agency (occurrence report)
EXTENDED CARE FACILITY an institution devoted to providing medical, nursing, or custodial care for an individual over a prolonged period, such as during the course of a chronic disease or during the rehabilitation phase after an acute illness
HOME HEALTH CARE health service provided in the patient’s place of residence for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, or restoring health or minimizing the effects of illness and disability
SKILLED NURSING FACILITY a nursing home that provides regular nursing home duties but then they also provide skilled duties; IV Care, Wound Care, Eternal Feedings, O2 Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Trach Care
DISCHARGE Discharge is the process that occurs when a client leaves a health care agency; process begins as early as upon admission
REFERRAL when someone (nurse, case mgr, social worker) ask for patient to seek assistance from another organization, such as hospice, visiting nurses, meals on wheels, adult protective svc, respite care
TRANSFER may be discharged from one unit and admitted to another; or from one facility to another
INTERMEDIATE CARE can be like a nursing home; require care, but not 24 hr care; may be mentally/physically challenged; assisted living; Alzheimer facilities;
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