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Homophones Dear Deer

Homophone Words from Dear Deer

dear, deer My ________ friend stopped to feed the ________.
here It's ________, not there.
aunt, ant My uncle and ________ have an ______ farm.
ant, aunt "The ________ is a pest," my ________ says.
ate, eight He ________ ________ pizzas.
eight, ate The ________ legged spider ________ a fly.
days, daze For 7 ________ he looked out the window in a ________.
daze, days He was in a ________ for 7 ________.
you, ewe ________ rhymes with ________ (a sheep).
ewe, you The ________ is staring at ________.
him, hymn I know ________. He sang the ________ at church.
hymn, him The lovely ________ was sung by ________.
horse The ________ likes to trot.
hoarse My throat is dry or ________.
feet The ceilings are eight ________ tall.
feat The acrobat did an amazing ________ on the trapeze.
tail I am at the ________ end of the line.
tale Cinderella is a fairy ________.
doe A ________ is a female deer.
dough Knead the pizza ________.
need We all ________ fresh air.
kneed ________ the pizza dough.
towed The truck ________ the stalled car.
toad A ________ is brown; a frog is green.
see, sea I can ________ the ________ shore.
sea, sea She sells ________ shells by the ________ shore.
whale The blue ________ is a mammal, not a fish.
wail They are ______ing or crying loudly.
deer, dear I think ________ are ________ animals.
here, hear The party is ________. Did you ________ the news?
Created by: CanadyEd