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Latin study

Latin Vocab study

bellum, belli n-war
castra,castrorum, n pl - camp
dolus doli m trickery
praemium praemii n reward
venenum veneni n posion
vinculum vinculi n chain
bonus-a-um good
armatus-a-um armed
magnus-a-um large
malus-a-um bad
praeclarus-a-um famous
romanus-a-um roman
do dare dedi datum to give
intro intrare intravi to enter
iubeo iubere iussi iussum to order someone to do something
dono donare donavi donatus to give
mando mandare mandavi mandatus to entrust
monstro monstrare montravi monstratus to show
nunctio nunctiare nunctiavi nunctiatus to report
probo probare probavi probatus to question
ad+accusative towards
e,(ex)+ablative from
in+accusative against
autem however
sed but
Created by: scruggsk