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ESPS Study Stack

astronomy Study of stars and outer space
Big Bang Theory An explosion that created of our universe
Doppler Shift A Change in frequency
Doppler effect Gizmo Look back at it and the worksheet
Gas Tube Lab Look at the lab
How old is the universe 14 Billion Years
Evidence of the Big Bang Balloon Lab
CMB stands for Cosmic Microwave Background
Is the Universe Expanding Yes Because one of our worksheets it showed a picture if how far the universe had expanded from the Big Bang Theory Through the Dark Ages then to now
what is the EM spectrum A range of frequencies EM stands for Electromagnetic Spectrum
Red Shift Sound or Wavelengths moving away from an object or person
Apparent Brightness And Magnitude Apparent Brightness= How Bright a Star appears from earth Apparent Magnitude= How Big an Object in space appears from earth
Absolute Magnitude and Brightness Absolute Brightness= How Bright a star actually is Absolute Magnitude= How Big an object in space really is
What is the Easiest thing to see in space The sun
How do we know what stars are made of Stars are made from Hydrogen and Helium
Describe how we can put stars in the Universe into a diagram that can arrange how they are in temperature and brightness
Describe what our sun and most stars are made of
Describe the process on how all stars are born and die in a cycle
Describe the difference between the layers of the sun and the layers of the sun's atmosphere
Describe solar weather
Describe the 3 laws of Kepler
Created by: COLIN H