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T/x for Angina Pain

Nurs 395

What is a chronic Angina? Predictable chest pain---> exercise
Ranolazine (Ranexa) Mode of action, S/sx, education - What does it treat Reduces Calcium and lowers MVO2 s/sx: raises blood pressure avoid grapefruit
Nitroglycerin (NTG) Mode of action, S/sx, education -What are the 6 different routes -What does it treat -Dilates arterioles and decrease preload and afterload -Decrease BP, headache, and reflex tachycardia -Nitrostat(Sublingual), Nitrolingual(spray), Nitro Dur(patch), isosorbide(ointment), Nitro BIb(IV)
-Nsg Imp for sublingual -Nsg Imp for the patch and ointment Sublingual= rest, lay down before taking it, should sting, no more than 3, call 911 after the 2nd, replace every 6 months Patch and ointment= apply on hair free area, apply lower or upper torso
What is variant angina chest pain due to transient ischemia -occur @ REM sleep
What is unstable angina Unpredictable chest pain that is treated by MONA -presents like a MI
3 types of Cholesterol VLDL- bad, high triglyceride LDL- bad HDL- good
What medications are used to treat cholesterol? Statins, Bile acids, Niacin, Fibrates
Statins (Used for, s/sx, nsg imp) -most effective for lower lipids -s/sx: liver damage, myopathy, peripheral neuropathy -nsg imp: take at night, avoid grapefruit, monitor for lipids and liver test
Niacin ( Action, S/sx) Vitamin B3 (OTC) s/sx: flushing face, neck, and head & BS/ uric acid -avoid pts. with gout
Bile-acid (Action, s/sx) Colesevelam (Welchol) -Decrease cholesterol in liver -s/sx: GI upset, interfer with thyroid, seizure, orai anti DM agent
Fibrates (Action, s/sx) Gemfibrozil (Lopid) -decrease triglyceride and increase HDL -s/sx: myopathy (avoid statin) & increase warfarin
digoxin (Lanoxin) = treats heart failure (action, Therapeutic range/ half-life drug, s/sx) -Increase contractility (Positive inotropic) -decrease HR (neg chronotropic)........ check k+ levels -TR= .5-.8 ; Half-life= 1 to 3 days s/sx: brachycardia, ventricular dysrhythmias, "yellow vision"
Created by: aselmo01