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A Study tool for the finals by Keegan Medley.

What does the HR diagram compare? Heat, Luminosity, and Size
What is the Emission spectrum? The Emission Spectrum is the radiation spectrum of a star showing what matter it consists of based the radiation emitted.
What is the Absorption spectrum. The Absorption Spectrum is the radiation spectrum of a star showing it's emission spectrum after radiation wavelengths are absorbed by gas surrounding the star.
What are Red giants and Supergiants? Red giants and Supergiants are stars that have expended most of their fuel and have expanded and cooled, due to them using the matter in their atmosphere to create fusions.
What are White dwarfs? White dwarfs are low mass stars close to death that have used the rest of their dense fuel to create a final swan song of luminosity.
What is a Nebula? A giant cloud of gas and dust in space where stars are formed.
How is Mass found? By multiplying the volume and density.
How is Volume found? By dividing the mass by the density.
How is Energy found? By multiplying the frequency by planks constant.
What does E=MC squared mean? Energy equals Mass times The speed of Light Squared.
How is Frequency found? Dividing the Energy by planks constant or dividing the speed of light by the wavelength.
How is Density Found. Multiplying mass and volume.
How do you find Wavelength. Divide the speed of light by the frequency.
What is Speed usually in an equation used to find Wavelength, Energy, Frequency? The speed of light or 3.0e8 M/S
What is Redshift and Blueshift? Redshift is when an object is moving away from the viewer, causing it´s wavelengths to be stretched and it to appear redder.
What is The Big Bang and how does it work? The Big Bang is an explosion of unknown origins that created the first matter and The CMB. The blast from the explosion causes The Universe to continuously expand and become more spacey.
What is the CMB(Cosmic Microwave Backround)? The CMB is a large quantity of microwave radiation that, was created by The Big Bang, exists everywhere, and initially bound energy to matter, creating gravitational pulls.
How do gravitational Pulls develope? By masses becoming denser over time, till a point were they attract matter.
What is Apparent and Absolute Brightness? Apparent Brightness is how bright an object appears to be, while Absolute Brightness is how bright something really is.
How are stars fueled? By the energy released during fusions between molecules.
What is a fusion? When molecules fuse to make new molecules, which releases energy.
What are stars mostly comprised of? Hydrogen and Helium.
Created by: KeeganDoodle