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spaghetti supagetti
meat pie miito pao
hamburger hanbaagaa
sandwich sandoichi
toast tosuto
orange juice orenji juusu
chocolate chokoretto
bread pan
coffee koohii
pizza piza
fruit kudamono
vegetables yasai
BBQ chicken skewers yakitori
noodle soup udon
cold noodles soba
octopus balls takoyaki
Japanese lunch box obentoo
cola kora
savoury pancake okonomiyaki
raw fish sashimi
seaweed and rice roll sushi
rice gohan
rice balls onigiri
chicken schnitzel tonkatsu
soya bean curd tofu
hot pot sukiyaki
cake keeki
green tea ocha
black tea koocha
ice cream aisukuriimu
traditional Japanese sweet mochi
sweet skewered rice balls dango
pasta pasuta
battered deep fried seafood or vegetables tempura
miso soup miso
BBQ beef yakiniku
curry rice karee
sauasages sooji
hot dog hotto doggu
soya bean treat natto
milk miruku
Created by: AllisonHoyn
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