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HESI-A2 Biology2

Which of the following sentences is true? None of these answer choices All organisms begin life as multi-cellular All organisms begin life as a single cell Some organisms begin life as a single cell and others as multi-cellular All organisms begin life as a single cell
Best definition of metabolism. Process by which organisms use energy
Which of the following is not true for all cells? All cells are also called eukaryotes Cells can only reproduce from existing cells Cells are the smallest unit of any life form that carries the information needed for all life processes Cells are the All cells are also called eukaryotes
Two types of cellular transport Active and passive
What does aerobic mean In the presence of oxygen
When both parents give offspring the same allele, the offspring is what for that trait Homozygous
Genetics is the study of Heredity
Cellular hierarchy from simplest to most complex Cell tissue organ organ system organism
If a cell is placed in a hypertonic solution, what will happen to the cell It will shrink
Longest phase of the cell cycle Interphase
Describe trait “Ll” if “L” represents tallness and “l” represents shortness Heterozygous genotype tall phenotypes
Example of a non-communicable disease Arthritis
All living organisms on earth utilize Triple genetic code
A nitrogenous base not found in DNA Uracil
In the scientific process what is a statement or explanation of a certain event or happening Hypothesis
Why is polarity the most important characteristic of water The results of the polarity are hydrogen bonding, a high specific heat value, and it’s versatile solvent properties.
Athletes are often concerned with the question of what they need in their diet to increase muscle mass and strength. What biological molecule would you recommend that would accomplish this? Protein.
Which organelle would you expect to be present in a cell responsible for detoxifying multiple molecules Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
A cell from heart muscle would more than likely contain an unusually high proportion of Mitochondria
The sum of all chemical reactions that occur in an organism is Metabolism
A cell that does not contain membrane-bound organelle’s or 80 find nucleus would be classified as Prokaryotic
The two catabolic pathways that lead to cellular energy production are Cellular respiration and fermentation
Which part of cellular respiration produces the greatest amount of ATP Electron transport chain
When plants do not receive enough water, they are photosynthetic rate drops. This is because Water is a raw material for the light reactions in photosynthesis
How does asexual reproduction differ from sexual reproduction Sexual reproduction involves two cells that contribute genetic material to daughter cells, resulting in significantly greater variation
Why is it important for cells to undergo mitosis Mitosis produces cells for growth and repair a body tissue
72 chromosomes undergo meiosis. How many chromosomes will be in each gamete? 36
Which of the following shows how information is transformed to make a protein? DNA-RNA-protein Gene-chromosome-protein ATP-amino acid-protein RNA-DNA-protein DNA-RNA-protein
Created by: Kab8827