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What is is NOT a function of the digestive tract? To perform gas exchange
The body, at all times, attempts to maintain homeostasis. The best definition of homeostasis is: a process that maintains the stability of the human body's internal environment in response to changes in internal and external conditions.
The endocrine system of the body is responsible for: communication through the use of hormones.
Anatomical position shows the body in a(n) ______ position. Anterior
Vitamin K is created in the: Intestinal tract.
The largest organ in the body is the _____. Skin.
A medical scientist wants to study the parenchyma of the kidney. This scientist would correctly be known, most specifically, as a: Histology.
What is Erythropoiesis? Red blood cell formation
In which part of the body is keratin NOT found? Teeth
What is the relationship between sarcomeres and muscle cells? Muscle cells contain myofibrils, which in turn are made up of sarcomeres.
A person who has torn their vastus lateralis muscle will need which of the following? A cane or crutches
Muscles produce contraction due to the sliding action of: Filaments.
The medulla oblongata has what primary responsibility? Vital functions
What is is true about simple reflexes? They travel only through the spinal cord.
Estrogen serves what primary function in the female reproductive system? It initiates the preparation of the endometrium for pregnancy.
What is the name of the structure that transfers urine from the kidneys to the bladder? Ureters.
Humans can survive most easily without which of the following? Gallbladder
What is NOT a role of cortisol? Controlling motor impulses
How many pairs of spinal nerves are known to exit the spinal cord? 31
The spinal cord reaches from the base of the skull to the first or second lumbar vertebra. The base of the skull is also known as: foramen magnum
Cyclic adenosine monophosphate is a substance that performs which of the following? Acts as a secondary messenger
The neuron is composed of a/n ________, which transmits signals toward the cell body, and a/n _______, which transmits signals away from the cell body. dendrite, axon
The pectoralis major muscle is located in which general area? The chest
The soleus muscle is located in which general area? The legs
Which of the following is responsible for differentiation, or specialization, of cells? Hormones
Statement that best describes the alimentary canal. The alimentary canal consists of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus.
A woman’s body usually ovulates around what day in a normal 30-day cycle? Day 14
Sperm, once created, are stored in an area of the male body called the ______. Epididymis
The best analogy describing the function of the kidneys? waste treatment plant
What is the most widely distributed type of sweat gland? Eccrine
Michael is playing on the playground with Suzy and decides to climb the castle while Suzy stays on the ground. Michael’s position relative to Suzy is ________. Superior
Moving the arm toward the body would be described as a _______ movement, rather than a ______ movement. Proximal, distal
The orthopedic surgeon informs you that you have broken the end of your femur. What area is she describing? Epiphysis
What is true of the axial skeleton? The axial skeleton consists of a total of 28 bones of the skull.
A patient of yours is diagnosed with emphysema. In emphysema, the alveoli have trouble exchanging gases between the atmosphere and the blood. It would be true to say that this patient has difficulty with what type of respiration? External
Deflections of the EKG represent which of the following? The electrical activity that precedes contraction and relaxation.
Follicle-stimulating hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone are what type of hormones? Tropic
What is the purpose of the mastication of food? To increase its surface area
What stimulates the interstitial cells of the testicles to produce testosterone? LH (luteinizing hormone)
Inhalation requires the contraction of what structure? The diaphragm.
Which of the following statements is anatomically correct? 1. The knee is distal to the ankle 2. The heart is inferior to the diaphragm 3. The hip is proximal to the knee 4. The wrist is proximal to the elbow The hip is proximal to the knee
If you wanted to separate the abdominal cavity from the thoracic cavity, which plane would you use? Transverse
You have been given a sample of tissue that has pillar-shaped cells arranged tightly together. The tissue you have is Columnar epithelium
The epidermis is classified as a(n) Tissue
Which type of tissue provides support and structure for the organs? Connective
Within which epidermal layer of the skin does mitosis occur? Stratum germinativum
The orthopedic surgeon informs you that you have broken the middle region of the humerus. What area is he describing? Diaphysis
Going from superior to inferior, the sequence of the vertebral column is: Cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccyx
The cells that form compact bone are called: Osteoblasts
What is true of skeletal muscle? Skeletal muscle attaches to bones by tendon Muscle contraction helps keep the body warm Skeletal muscles continuously contract to maintain posture
What is needed for a muscle cell to contract Calcium and adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
If an impulse is traveling from a sense receptor toward the spinal cord, it is traveling along what type of neuron Sensory neuron
What does the parathyroid hormone regulate? Calcium
Where are the pressure rotors and chemoreceptors locates? Carotid body
Bile is secreted into which organ? Small intestine
What is the role of progesterone in the female reproductive system Stimulates the development of the endometrium
What are the two types of cellular transport? Active and passive
How many basic tissue types does a human have 4
Name three types of muscle tissue Skeletal smooth and cardiac
Which organ system has the purpose of producing movement through contraction Muscular
Which term means towards the front of the body Anterior
The brain is part of the Integumentary system
The study of the structure and shape of the human body Anatomy
The study of how parts of the body function Physiology
Three types of connective tissue Cartilage adipose tissue and blood tissue
Best definition for the term circulation Transport of oxygen and other nutrients to the tissues via the cardiovascular system
How many organ systems in the body 11
Which organ system includes the spleen Lymphatic
Which term means close to the trunk of the body Proximal
What does the integumentary system, the skin do Helps regulate body temperature Waterproofs the body Protect internal tissues from injury
What does the term optic refer to The eye or vision
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