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NRTC cardiovascular

Drug classification that increases blood flow to ischemic heart muscle by vasodilation or decrease myocardial oxygen demand Antianginal drugs
most common routes for nitroglycerin to be absorbed into the bloodstream Sublingual buccal translingual sprays
Rapid acting drug used to treat anginal attack it is PRN Nitroglycerin
Long-acting drug use prevent anginal episodes it is prophylactic daily Isosorbide mononitrate
Steps to take if anginal pain occurs Take one sublingual Nitroglycerin then wait 5 minutes if no relief call nine-one-one and take a second sublingual nitroglycerin wait 5 minutes take third sublingual nitroglycerin no more than three and do not try to drive to the hospital
Why should you never chew or swallow sublingual nitroglycerin You want it to bypass the liver for faster absorption
Why is nitroglycerin stored in an airtight dark glass bottle with a metal cap and no cotton filler To preserve potency
How long does it take for nitroglycerin to lose its potency after the bottle has been opened 3 months
What sensation should occur sublingual that indicates nitroglycerin is still potent Burning sensation
Headache orthostatic hypotension and reflex tachycardia are adverse effects of which drug Nitroglycerin
What drug is administered for the adverse effect of reflex tachycardia with nitroglycerin Beta blockers
To avoid tolerance of nitrate transdermal patches what should you instruct the patient to do Remove patch at bedtime for 10 to 12 hours
When should a new nitrate transdermal patch be applied In the morning
Do not use a patch that has been Cut or damaged
What should you use when handling transdermal patches Gloves
What should a patient do that is taking sublingual nitroglycerin and experiencing chest pain and hypotension Lie down to decrease dizziness
When giving nitroglycerin IV what should you remember to use Special non PVC tubing and bags
What contraindicated drug results in life-threatening hypotension Sildenafil AKA Viagra
What are other contraindications for Nitroglycerin Alcohol beta blockers calcium channel blockers and diuretics
Beta blockers calcium channel blockers and diuretics are all what drug classification Antihypertensive
Why should a patient taking nitroglycerin avoid hot tubs whirlpools hot baths and saunas while drinking alcohol It will result in vasodilation and hypotension with the possibility of fainting
Inhibits the action or formation of clotting factors also known as fibrin Anticoagulants
List 4 anticoagulants Heparin enoxaprin Warfarin rivaroxaban
Inhibits platelet aggregation prevents platelet plugs Antiplatelets
List two antiplatelet drugs Aspirin Clopidogrel
Lyse break down or dissolve existing clots Thrombolytic drugs
An example of a thrombolytic drug Alteplase AKA TPA
Promotes blood coagulation Hemostatic or anti fibrinolytic drugs
What is the most common dose of aspirin given 81 mg
What is the first thing the body does after it starts bleeding from an open wound Vasoconstrict
A female cancer patient on birth control just had surgery for fractures along the femur hip and knee she is post-op and immobilized what is this patient at high risk for Emboli
Has no direct effect on a blood clot that is already formed prevents clot formation Anticoagulants
Proteins that contribute to clotting Clotting factors
Turn off coagulation Pathways to prevent clot formation Heparin
What routes is heparin given IV or subcutaneously
Dislodged clot fat or air Embolus
What instructions would you give a patient using heparin subcutaneously Never massage the site and always rotate sites
Massaging a site after a Heparin injection results in what Hematoma
When verifying a Heparin dose you should Double check with another nurse
Aptt stands for Activated partial thromboplastin time
Normal aptt is 30 40 seconds
therapeutic aptt level for a patient on heparin 2 times the normal value or 45 to 80 Seconds
What is the antidote for heparin Protamine sulfate
Low-molecular-weight heparin given Sub-Q in the abdomen less expensive alternative to heparin no lab test required EnoxapaRin AKA Lovenox
What should you do with the bubble in a pre-filled Lovenox syringe Leave it alone it ensures the patient receives all the medication
Antidote for enoxaparin Protamine sulfate
Oral anticoagulant that may take up to 5 days after the first dose for therapeutic effects to take place Warfarin
While waiting for Warfarin effects to Kik in what medication is given until therapeutic levels have been monitored Heparin
Antidote for heparin Vitamin K
Normal International normalized ratio INR lab 0.7 to 1.8
INR therapeutic range when on warfarin Two to three
Normal Prothrombin time PT lab 11 to 12.5 seconds
Created by: LBerkey