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180 Days Geography

180 days South America

What is the mountain range which runs along the western coast of South America? Andes Mountains
What is the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere? Aconcagua
Where is Mt. Aconcagua located? Argentina
What waterfall has the longest drop in the world? Angel Falls
Where is Angel Falls located? Venezuela
What is an isthmus? A narrow strip of land that connects two larger bodies of land.
What is a mountain range? A row of connected mountains
What is an island? A body of land that is smaller than a continent that is completely surrounded by water.
What is a rain forest? A tropical forest in an area where there is an exceptionally high yearly rainfall.
What is a sea? A body of salt water that is smaller than an ocean.
What is a pampas? Huge, treeless plains.
In which hemisphere is South America primarily located? Southern (Western) Hemisphere
Which three continents are larger than South America? Asia, Africa, and North America
Where is the world's largest rain forest located? In the Amazon River Basin in Brazil
What is the name of the desert located in northern Chile? The Atacama Desert
Which three South American countries are largely made up of rolling grasslands? Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia
In what South American country is the Isthmus of Panama that links Central America with South? Colombia
What are some of South America's native animals? the capybara, the sloth, the anaconda, the piranha fish, the pampas, the alpaca, and the llama.
What are some of the plants that are native to South America? orchids, rubber tree, cacao tree, pineapple plant, carnauba palm
What major islands or island groups are in South America? Galapagos Islands, Tierra del Fuego, Falkland Islands
Who are Iberians? Spaniards or Portuguese
Who are viceroys? Spanish rulers appointed by the king
Who are Creoles? Persons of Spanish descent born in the West Indies or Latin America.
Who are Caudillos? Political and military leaders who overthrew the government during the Latin American wars of independence.
What is a hacienda? A large farm, ranch, or country estate
Who are mestizos? Descendants of mixed Indian and European ancestry
Who are conquistadors? A sixteenth-century Spanish adventurer with a small but well-equipped army.
Which group of Latin American people does "Indian" refer to? Native or original inhabitants of the continent.
What were the three main Indian groups in Latin America before the European explorers arrived? Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas
What European nation conquered the great Indian nations of Latin America? Spain
Who was the Inca leader at the time of the European conquest? Atahuallpa
Who led his nation in conquering the Inca Indians? Francisco Pizarro
What Indian tribe controlled the Valley of Mexico and the area surrounding it? The Aztecs
What was the name of the Aztec capital? Tenochtitlan
What is the present-day name for the Aztec capital? Mexico City
Who was the leader of the Aztecs when the Europeans first arrived in this area? Montezuma II
Which European leader conquered the Aztecs? Hernanado Cortes
Besides his own men, who helped Hernando Cortes conquer the Aztecs? The surrounding Indian tribes who had been conquered by the Aztecs and resented their heavy taxes.
Why did the Aztecs not oppose the European conquerors? They had a legend that their god had sailed across the ocean and that someday he would return. When Cortes and his men appeared, they believed he was their god returning.
What group of Indians in southern Chile resisted being conquered for over 300 years? Araucanian Indians
Besides being killed in battle, what was another reason for the decline in the Indian population after European colonists arrived in Latin America? The European colonists brought diseases with them to which the Indians had no immunity. Indians also died from the harsh treatment they suffered at the hands of the settlers.
Of the four major European countries that settled the New World, which two focused on the southern continent? Spain and Portugal
What was one major reason Europeans came to the New World? to search for gold, silver, iron ore, precious gems
What did Latin America have more of than North America? silver and gold
What church took hold in Latin America? Roman Catholic Church
What area in South America did the Portuguese government control? Brazil
What was an imaginary line drawn running north and south through South America called? The Line of Demarcation
Who were the two men who led revolutions to gain independence for South America from its European rulers? Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar
What denomination or church do the majority of Latin Americans belong to? Roman Catholic Church
Do the people of Latin America have the freedom to worship as they choose? Yes
Which church do some governments in Latin America officially support? Roman Catholic Church
What percentage of the people are considered Protestant? about 5%
Which two denominations have the fastest-growing membership today in Latin America? Pentecostal churches and the Mormons
What is a poncho? A blanket with a slit in the middle for the head/ worn in cooler mountain villages as a coat.
What are gauchos? cowboys of Argentina and Uruguay
What is a tortilla? A thin pancake made from corn flour.
What is a hacienda? A large plantation or farm.
What is a fiesta? a festival
What are some of the typical foods of Latin America? Beans, rice and tortillas
What did people of Latin America enjoy doing? soccer, cricket and bullfighting
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