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coastal deposition

What is a beach and where can it be found? a beach i s a build up of loose material deposited by constructive waves between the low and high tide mark e.g kilkee Co.Clare and ballybunion Co.kerry
How do constructive waves influence the formation of a beach ? constructive waves deposit the beach sediments on the shore allowing the beach to form
Explain the process of longshore drift in relation to the formation of a beach? when the waves break at an angle to the beach, longshore drift occurs. sediments are dragged along the coastline in a zig zag motion before depositing
what is a berm? ridges of coarse gravel deposited parallel to the shore
explain the term runnel depressions that seperate berms
In relation to beach features define a sand dune hills of sand that form at the back of a beach
How does marram grass influence a sand dune marram is a coarse , strong grass that grows in sand . marram colonieses the dunes and binds the sand together with its long roots acting as an anchor
Created by: Laura_obrien123