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NRTC med/surg ch. 63

Chronic autoimmune disease causing inflammation of a joint joint pain is bilateral and symmetrical Rheumatoid arthritis
What age group is rheumatoid arthritis usually seen in Juveniles
Rheumatoid arthritis pain is usually worse during what time of day Morning
Patient education using ibuprofen for rheumatoid arthritis Take with food monitor for GI upset and upper abdominal pain
Patient education for dmards methotrexate for a patient with rheumatoid arthritis Monitor for infection no live vaccine may cause vision changes
Rheumatoid arthritis patient teaching using glucocorticoids prednisone Take calcium and Vitamin D supplements taper dose if long-term monitor blood glucose and body weight
Fingers bent it joints with rheumatoid arthritis Swan neck
Joints Bend towards the ulnar Ulnar deviation
Joint disease caused by repeated trauma joint changes wear and tear commonly seen in weight bearing joints and is unilateral Osteoarthritis djd
Nursing management for osteoarthritis Apply heat maintain weight start Progressive swimming program rest between activities
Bony enlargement of distal interphalangeal joints Heberden's nodes
Bony enlargement of proximal interphalangeal joints Bouchard's nodes
Cartilage discs between the mandible and temporal bone becomes dislodge from the temporal fossa usually unilateral Temporomandibular joint disorder TMJ
Patient education with TMJ Go to dentist and wear a mouthguard
Term for teeth grinding Bruxism
Painful metabolic disorder inflammatory reaction to joints due to hyperuricemia typically affects men more than women Gout
Term for urate crystals Tophi
Diagnostic test for gout 24-hour urine test
What food should a patient with gout avoid Purine dense food red meats shellfish organ Meats
Where does gout usually begin Small joints usually starting with the big toe
Medication used to treat gout Allopurinol and NSAIDs
Idiopathic with central pain syndrome Theory being CNS increase sensitivity to pain signals leading to decreased pain threshold Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia typically affects who Middle aged women
Medical management of fibromyalgia Duloxetine and pregabalin
Skeletal muscle relaxant Cyclobenzaprine
Drug classification of pregabalin used to treat fibromyalgia Antiepileptic
Tricyclic antidepressant used to treat fibromyalgia Amitriptyline
What is the usual cause for bursitis Staph infection or strep with an elevated white blood cell count
Autoimmune disorder with unknown triggering mechanism cause an overproduction of antibodies and chronic information destruction of diffuse connective tissue affects multiple body system and is called the Great Intimidator Systemic lupus erythematosus
Teaching for patient with SLE Wear sunscreen with a moisturizer and a hat monitor for new signs and symptoms watch for weight gain
Decreased blood flow to the finger tissues causing them to be cold and white Raynaud's phenomenon
Teaching for patient with Raynaud's phenomenon Dangle fingers and swing hands like you're skiing to increase blood flow
Osteomyelitis is typically caused by Staph infection
Fractures brakes and sterile fields during surgery and poor pin care can lead to acute osteomyelitis
Persistent draining sinus through skin from the bone that may cause sepsis Chronic osteomyelitis
Antibiotic given to a patient with osteomyelitis Vancomycin
Text act as vectors to transmit bacteria causing Lyme disease
How long does it take me to be attached to the host in order to transmit Lyme disease 36 hours
Most common sign for Lyme disease Bullseye rash
How long does it take to cause multi-organ damage after Contracting Lyme disease 4 weeks or more
Classification of meds you expect to see with a client who has SLE Antimalarial
Type of fracture where the bone is pushed into another bone Impact fracture
Loss of bone mass or density often seen with White women postmenopausal Osteoporosis
Drug classification of Premarin has a high risk of breast cancer Hormone replacement therapy
The classification of alendronate you need to sit up 30 minutes after taking this Bisphosphonates
Drug classification for calcium citrate and calcitonin need to take and very doses Calcium supplements
Nursing management for a patient with osteoporosis Stretch and increase core strength decrease caffeine sugar and sodium
Bone softening could possibly be metabolic insufficient calcium vitamin D absorption with phosphate deficiency Osteomalacia
Name of a seizure Med that may cause osteomalacia Phenobarbital
Patients with osteomalacia often have bowed legs and a higher risk of this type of fracture Pathological
Idiopathic chronic disorder of abnormal bone remodeling osteoclast osteoblast imbalance Paget's disease
Assessment for Paget disease includes enlarged skull kyphosis lumpy weak bones the number one nursing management is Client safety to prevent injury and falls
Deformity of the great toe at the metatarsal pharyngeal joint Bunion AKA hallux valgus
Flexion deformity of the proximal phalangeal joint of toes Hammer toe
Flexion deformity of the distal phalangeal joint of toes Mallet toes
Overground cluster of normal bone cells Benign bone tumor
Radiation toxic chemical exposure or hereditary can cause this type of bone tumor Malignant bone tumor
Malignant bone tumors usually are found in the knee and the proximal end of the humerus but could spread to the Lungs
Patient with malignant bone tumors are immunocompromised what is the number one nursing priority Infection prevention
Created by: LBerkey
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