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LA1 - C11 Review

Latin Alive 1 - Chapter 11 Review Vocabulary

agricola, -ae, m. farmer
ambulō (1) to walk
arma, armōrum, n. arms, weapons
clāmō (1) to shout
cōpiae, -ārum, f. troops
cūius whose (sing.)
dēsīderō (1) to desire
dō, dare, dedī, datum to give
dum while
et and
eum, eam; eōs, eās him, her; them
ferrum, ferrī, n. iron; sword
frūmentum, frūmentī, n. grain
habeō (2) to have
incola, -ae, m. settler, inhabitant
īrātus, -a, -um angry
iuvenis, iuvenis, c. youth, young person
līberī, līberōrum, m. children
līberō (1) to free, set free
multus, multa, multum much; many
-ne (introduces a yes/no question)
necō (1) to kill
nōmen, nōminis, n. name
nōn not
poēta, -ae, m. poet
pōnō, pōnere, posuī, positum to put, place; take off (clothing)
portō (1) to carry
pot + sum to be able
quis who?
quod because
quoque also, too
rēgnō (1) to rule, reign
rēx, rēgis, m. king
rogō (1) to ask
Rōma, Rōmae, f. Rome
Rōmānī Romans
sed but
spectō (1) to watch
you (acc.)
timidus, timida, timidum fearful
ubi where
validus, -a, -um strong, healthy
videō, vidēre, vīdī, vīsum to see
vir, virī, m. man
vocō (1) to call
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