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NRTC med/surg ch. 62

Injury to muscle or tendon when stretch or pull Beyond its capacity Strain
Soft tissue damage resulting from blow or blunt trauma Contusion
Injuries to a ligament surrounding a joint also unusual movement of a joint Sprain
Fracture of bone do to Detachment of ligament Avulsion fracture
Priority intervention to strain contusion and sprains Apply ice pack for 24 to 48 hours May alternate heat and Ice afterwards
Severe condition where tendon or nerves constrict fascia in confined space causing decreased blood flow Compartment syndrome
Emergency surgery for compartment syndrome to decrease pressure and increase blood flow Fasciotomy
Gradual injury from repeated use or overuse of a joint Tendonitis
Who is most likely to have a ganglion cyst Women under the age of 50
Carpal tunnel test tapping the median nerve above carpal to assess for hand numbness Tinel sign
Carpal tunnel test 15 to 30 seconds with back of hands pushed together distal phalanges Superior to wrist Phalen's sign
Type of arthroplasty where the ball shape of the artificial joint is in the scapula and the cup is in the head of the humerus Reverse arthroplasty
what muscle bears the most weight after a reverse arthroplasty of the rotator cuff Deltoid
a rotator cuff tear inhibits what kind of movement Overhead movement
Arthroplasty is not considered permanent patients usually need another surgery within 10 to 15 years
Recovery time after an arthroplasty Four to six weeks may take up to a year for full recovery
Rupture that is heard with the loud pop accompanied with severe pain inability to plantar Flex and often an avulsion fracture Ruptured Achilles tendon
How long will you need a brace or a cast after a ruptured Achilles tendon Six to eight weeks
Facial fracture due to blunt force Depression fracture
Fracture that is straight across Transverse fracture
Fracture that is slanted and hard to align Oblique fracture
Fracture that occurs without trauma in an area of diseased bone pathologic fractures
Job of the ACL and PCL Prevention of lateral dislocation of the knee
Injury to the cartilage in the knee Meniscus injury
Break in the continuity of a bone Fracture
When does a fat embolism occur after a fracture Two to three days after
Physical signs of this fracture include external rotation pain and one leg longer than the other Hip fracture
Another word for friction vibration or popping of a joint Crepitus
Another term for healing misalignment of a bone Non-union
After surgery of a compound fracture how long do you leave on a bandage 24 hours
Nursing intervention when a bandage leaks prior to the first 24 hours Reinforce and document size of stain
Anticoagulant given as a DVT prophylaxis Lovenox
Why give Lovenox instead of Heparin Less blood glucose test
Subtrochanteric and intratrochanteric fractures have a high risk of bleeding and lead to Hypovolemia
Daily limit for acetaphetamine 4 grams
Created by: LBerkey