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NRTC med/surg ch. 61

Rigid mold that immobilizes an injured structure Cast
In circles and arm or leg leaving fingers or toes Cylinder cast
Surrounds one or both legs and the trunk often seen on kids has holes for elimination Spica or hip cast
Encircles the trunk from nipple to iliac crest Body cast
To keep fracture aligned the cast is placed A joint above the brake to the Joint below it joint slightly flexed to decrease stiffness
How do you handle a wet cast With your palms no fingertips
Cast liner that is waterproof to protect skin and allow for showers Gore-Tex liner
Allows direct visualization of the skin usually used for wounds Cast window
Why do you always place the top over a cast window Edema will progress through the window
How does the skin appear after a cast is removed and how do you help it heal Molted with yellow film and apply unscented lotion
After the cast is applied where does the patient go X-ray to insure alignment
Cats cut in half to allow for edema resize cast of swelling decreases Bivalve cast
What is priority after a cast is applied Assessing circulation
Used short-term to immobilize an injured body part in a functional position Splint
Long-term custom-fitted support to prevent additional injury Brace
Restoring alignment to an injured bone Reducing
Bone that is surgically exposed and realigned Open reduction
Bone aligned via external manipulation Closed reduction
Bone secured by Hardware inside the body Internal fixation
Hardware is attached to the Bone through the skin External fixation
What is the number one priority intervention to decrease risk of infection for external fixation Good pin care
What solution is used to clean the pins on external fixation Chlorhexidine
Pulling structures of the musculoskeletal system to align bones decrease muscular spasm and maintain and mobilization Traction
Weighted device is applied to the skin that indirectly affect muscles and bones Skin traction
Applied directly to a bone using a wire and pin Skeletal traction
During traction weights always need to be Suspended off the ground
After orthopedic surgery what is the goal before discharge Joint will bend at a 90 degree angle
Three factors that delay wound healing Diabetic obese over the age of 65
Dislocation of an artificial joint Subluxation
Replacement of both articulating surfaces of a joint Total arthroplasty
Replacement of one articulating surface of a joint Hemiarthroplasty
Joint reconstruction most common sites are the knee and hip Arthroplasty
Removal of a limb Amputation
type of amputation to remove infection a wound vac and often attached to it Open amputation
Also known as flap amputation saved tissue wrapped around the stump Closed amputation
Prosthesis tested on war vets will move with motor neural stimuli Myoelectric arm
Nerves tingle and become a clump looks like a tumor of nerves Stump neuroma
Feeling a limb after it has been amputated Phantom limb
What medication is given for Phantom limb pain Gabapentin or Neurontin
Loss of blood flow to Bone and the bone tissue dies Avascular necrosis
Created by: LBerkey