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Week 16

Sedimentary Rock Rock made by the deposits of sediments that form layers. This kind of rock is where most fossils are found.
Compaction The pressure of pressing together sediments
Cementation Sticking together like glue
Decay To go through decomposition
Earthquake Triggered by the movement of Earth's tectonic plates
Volcanoes Fiery power deep from within the Earth. Lava is what erupts from the volcano and Magma is the name of the hot liquid inside the volcano.
Porous having small spaces or holes through which liquid or air may pass
Landslides Gravity or rain or both pulls rocks and mud down the mountain causing destruction
Tsunami An earthquake in the ocean causes these giant destructive waves
Rapid changes to Earth Earthquake, landslide, hurricane, tsunami, and volcano eruptions
Slow Changes to Earth Weathering, erosion, and deposition
Organic Acquired from living matter
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