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REL 2300 Exam 2

Exam 2

Syncretism following more than one religion at a time
Confucian customs and traditions
Buddhist worship and rituals
Taoist outlook, literature, philosophy, art, music
Confucianism and Taoism originated in... China
Goal of confucianism achieve harmony in social and political life
Goal of daoism seeks harmony with nature
Confucianism (harmony) following right path (Dao)
Main concepts of Confucianism Ren (Jen); love for humanityLi, propriety; being appropriate, having right etiquettesxiao, filial piety (Respect for Elders) Five RelationshipsFather-sonElder brother-younger brotherhusband-wifefriend-friendruler-citizen
Wen appreciation for aesthetic values, such as art, literature, music
Junzi The ideal human being
Five classics and analects became core curriculum of Chinese classical educational system
the book of history account of chinese rulers, various dynasties
book of poetry classical poems with moral intent
book of changes divination, basic patters of the univers
analects book of confucius' sayings
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