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chapter 6

Regionalism refers to the strong connection that people feel toward the region in which they live
Maritime means on or near the sea
Pulp softened wood fibers
Newsprint is cheap paper used mainly for newspapers
Provinces are administrative divisions of a country
Niagara fall the US. Shares with Canada
Rocky mountains these are fond along the pacific ocean
St. Lawrence River it is an natural border it links the great ocean
natural resources Some of the natural resources of Canada is fishing, nickel, zinc, uranium and silver. There is vast forests that make pulp and newsprint were that is located is form Labrador too the pacific cost these are fond at the Canadas shield
Canadas diverse and climate Canada is very diverse because they do not have a big population so they have a lot of different types of people coming in. in Canada it is very could in the winter most of the time it is below freezing
settlement The European settlement turned into the new France
movement they made railroads to change the way we move
The provinces are the Eastern provinces the heartland and the western provinces
Canada government is a democratic government and Canada has 10 provincial government which is a lot like are white hose representative the represent are sates
thing us and Canada shares We share Niagara fall St. Lawrence river and rocky montanites
information abut Inuit The Inuit kill seal and other cold animals to feed clothes and make weapons out of them
manger city's The manger city is Toronto Quebec and Ottawa
provinces Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, Newfoundland, Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia Newfoundland, Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia
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