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Set H

force, motion, soil

the part of the experiment that either changes or is controlled variable
measures the weight of an object affected by the force of gravity spring scale
a push or a pull force
movement of an object motion
a force that pulls towards the center of a heavenly body gravity
the force that resists motion when two surfaces rub against each other friction
A force that can attract (pull closer) or repel (push away) magnetic materials magnetism
to sort objects into groups that are alike in some way classify
a statement that can be tested by an investigation or observation hypothesis
the SI unit of force Newton
tiny pieces of broken rocks sand
a type of soil made of fine-grained sediment silt
a type of soil with very fine particles, that is pliable when wet and hard when dry clay
a type of soil containing a mixture of other soils and rich in humus and nutrients loam
a rich, dark layer of soil made of decaying plants and animals humus
light bouncing off a surface reflection
bending of light refraction
the path of an electric current circuit
an electrical path with no breaks or gaps closed circuit
a broken or incomplete electrical path open circuit
the location of an object position
a device containing a dry cell that supplies a direct current by converting chemical energy into electrical energy battery
allowing all light to pass through transparent
allowing some light to pass through translucent
allowing no light to pass through opaque
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