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Personality Carlat


Borderline Personality Disorder- I DESPAIRR Identity disturbance Disordered, unstable affect owing to a marked reactivity of mood Emptiness Suicidal behavior Paranoid ideation Abandonment Impulsivity Rage relationships intense
Paranoid SUSPECT 4/7 Spousal infidelity suspected Unforgiving (bears grudges) Suspicious of others Perceives attacks Everyone is either an Enemy or a friend Confiding in others feared Threats perceived in benign events
Schizoid DISTANT 4/7 Detached affect Indifferent to criticism or praise Sexual experiences of little interest Tasks (activities) performed solitarily Absence of close friends Neither desires nor enjoys close relations Takes pleasure in few activities
Schizotypal- ME PECULIAR (five of first nine plus “rule out” specifier) Magical thinking Experiences unusual perceptions Paranoid ideation Eccentric behavior/appearance Constricted Unusual thinking and speech Lacks close friends Ideas of reference Anxiety Rule out psychotic disorder and autistic disorder
antisocial 3/7 CORRUPT Conformity to law lacking Obligations ignored Reckless disregard for safety of self or others Remorse lacking Underhanded (deceitful, lies, cons others) Planning insufficient (impulsive) Temper
Histrionic 5/7- PRAISE ME Provocative Relationships (considered more intimate than they are) Attention Influenced easily Style of speech (impressionistic, lacks detail) Emotions (rapidly shifting and shallow) Made up Emotions exaggerated (theatrical)
Narcissistic 5/9 SPEECIAL Special (believes he is special and unique) Preoccupied with fantasies Envious Entitlement Excessive admiration required Conceited Interpersonal exploitation Arrogant
Avoidant 4/7 CRINGES Certainty of being liked required Rejection Intimate relationships avoided New relationships avoided Gets around interpersonal activities Embarrassment potential prevents new activities Self viewed as unappealing, inept, inferior
Dependent PD 5/8 RELIANCE Reassurance for decisions Expressing disagreement difficult Life responsibilities assumed by others Initiating projects difficult Alone Nurturance- needs Companionship sought urgently Exaggerated fear to care for self
OCD PD 4/8 LAW FIRMS Loses point of activity Ability to complete tasks compromised by perfectionism Worthless objects Friendships Inflexible, scrupulous, overconscientious Reluctant to delegate Miserly
Created by: arsho453