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Porifera to Mollusc

Zoology Test review

If an animal is lacking a body cavity, what is it called? Acoelomate
What do poriferas have instead of a skeleton for support? spicules
Why are scientists studying planaria? To learn about their stem cells and how to apply to humans
Why do jellyfish swim? to create currents that bring food to the mouth
What part of a gastropod creates the shell? mantle
What is the remaining part of a shell in squid? pen
What are the cells in sponges that filter food from water? collar cells
Planarians breathe through what organ? skin
What are the stabilizers on squid and cuttlefish called? lateral fins
What is the sessile form of cnidarians called? polyp
What is the bell shaped form of cnidarians called? medusa
What type of symmetry do sponges have? none - asymmetrical
How do planaria move? cilia on ventral surface and muscle contractions
How is radial symmetry an advantage for sessile animals? Allows a sessile animal to interact with its surroundings equally in any direction
How is bilateral symmetry an advantage for motile animals? Allows the animal to move head first, with all sensory organs directed into the new environment.
What cell is used to camouflage octopuses? chromatophores
Are sponges sessile, sedentary or free swimming? sessile
What does mollusk mean? soft body
True or False: clams snails and octopuses are all molluscs. true
Where does the water enter and exit the mantle cavity of a bivalve? siphon
Some molluscs have a hard, protective outer "case" secreted by the mantle. It is called the shell
Porifera lack symmetry and __________ which distinguishes them from other phyla tissues
How do sponges reproduce? budding
Sea anemones have ____ symmetry radial
True or false: Sponges are unicellular false
What does gastropod mean? stomach foot
What secretes the shell in some molluscs? mantle
Organisms with three germ layers are called triplobastic
What maintains an organisms form with water pressure? hydrostatic skeleton
Sensory organs focused to one area is called cephalization
What is the radula used for? tearing flesh and eating
Cestoda are also known as? tapeworms
True or false: Platyhelminthes can reproduce both sexually and asexually true
What is the hierarchal order of classification? Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
Monogenea usually affect what type of animals? fish
How many classes of flatworms are there? four. turbellaria, trematode, cestode, monogenea
Which class of the Platyhelminthes has nonparasitic species? tubellaria
What are two phyla of radiate animals? cnidaria and ctenAophora
What are the stinging cells in cnidaria called? cnidocytes
Which Platyhelminthes class(es) contains flukes? trematode and monogenea
How do bivalves move? by their foot
What circulatory system do most cephalopods have? closed
What is the function of the funnel in cephalopods? to expel water either forwards or backwards for movement
Which cephalopod has two pairs of gills? nautiluses
What is the function of the brachial hearts in cephalopods? located at the base of the gills, they increase blood pressure in the circulatory system
Is there a larval stage in cephalopods? no, eggs develop directly into juveniles
What is the larval stage of marine molluscs? trochophores
Which cephalopod doesn't have a complex eye? nautiluses
Which cephalopods have no shells? octopuses
What are bivalves? molluscs with two shell parts
Medusa and polyps are forms of what? cnidarians
How do ctenophore capture prey? colloblast cells (sticky)
Term used to describe an organism with both male and female reproductive organs? hermaphrodite
How is gas exchanged in a hydra? (name the process) through diffusion
Cnidarian form that has free swimming and sexual reproduction medusa
Cnidarian form that is sessile and reproduces asexually through budding polyp
What two ways do flatworms move? cilia and muscle cells
Cuttlefish, octopus and squid belong to what class? cephalopods
Animals containing 2 germ layers are called diploblastic
Sponges are _____ feeders which also provides an ecological service for the environment filter
What is the most simple multicellular animal? sponge (porifera)
How do flatworms mate? penis fencing
What side of the snail is its shell on? (posterior, dorsal, anterior or ventral) dorsal
In which class of flatworms is the first host a mollusk? trematoda
The group of cells that can detect light? eye spot
What is the "first hunter"? flatworm
What is a group of nerve cells that act like a brain controlling the nervous system? ganglia
True or false: color vision is important and useful in cephalopods? false
How do the shells of bivalves stay closed? adductor muscles
Jellyfish are part of what phylum? cnidaria
A cnidocyte shoots _____ to catch prey nematocysts
Water flows out of the ___________ in the sponge osculum
A specialized flagellated cell of the flatworm that removes excess water flame cell
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