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What is a eukaryotic cell A complex cell that has a neucleus
What is a prokaryotic cell A cell without a nucleus
What's is the job of the flagella To move the cell
What is a plasmid Small circular rings of DNA
What is the job of the slime layer To protect the cell
What is the cell wall made of Cellulose
What is the job of the nucleus Where the DNA is stored and controls the cell
What is the job of the cytoplasm Where the chemical reactions take place
What is the job of the cell membrane Controls what can enter and exit the cell
What is the job of the mitochondria Aerobic respiration
What is the job of the ribosomes Protein synthesis
What is the job of the cell wall Strengthens and supports the cell
What is the job of the chloroplasts Photosynthesis
What is the job of the vacuole Gives the cell its shape contains cell sap
How is the nerve cell adapted Long and branched to connect to other cells
How is the muscle cell adapted Long so there is space to contract
How is the sperm cell adapted Long tail and streamlined shape for swimming Contains enzymes to eat through outer layers of ovum(egg cell)
How is the root hair cell adapted Large surface area for water absorption
How is the xylem and phloem cell adapted Long and hollow like a straw
Define magnification Size of image
Define resolution Detail of image
What is the equation for magnification Magnification=image size/actual size
What are the drawbacks of the light microscope Limited magnification and resolution
What are the advantages of an electron microscope Higher magnification and resolution
Why are the equipment for culturing microorganisms sterilised To kill unwanted microbes
How is an inoculating loop sterilised Holding it in a flame
Why must the agar plate be taped shut To avoid contamination with air
What is a chromosome Coiled up DNA
Describe the cell cycle Interphase- ribosomes mitochondria and chromosomes duplicated cell grows Mitosis- set of chromosomes pulled to each end of the cell nucleus splits Cytokinesis- cell divides
What is a stem cell An undifferentiated cell
What is an embryonic stem cell A stem cell that can transform into any type of cell
What is an adult stem cell A stem cell that can only transform into certain types of cell
What is meristem tissue It can differentiate into any plant cell
What is therapeutic cell cloning Using stem cells to replace faulty cells
Define diffusion The movement of particles from a high concentration to a low concentration
Give two examples of diffusion CO2 into a plant Urea from cell to blood plasma Oxygen from blood to cell
What three factors affect the rate of diffusion Concentration gradient Temperature Surface area
Define osmosis The movement of water from a high concentration to a low concentration through a semipermeable membrane
Define active transport Movement of particles against a concentration gradient
Give 2 examples of active transport Sugar from gut to blood Minerals from soil to plant root
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