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greek 5 review

greek lesson 5 review

anthrop man; maning
phil love
miso hate
biblio, bibl book
phon sound
graph, gram write; draw; describe; record
scop, scept, skept look at; examine
eu- good; well
caco- bad; ill
mega-, megalo- large
micro- small
macro- large; long
tele-, tel-, telo- far; distant
teleo-, tel-, telio-, telo end; result; completion
-mania maddness for; excessive fondness for
-mania one who has madness for
-manical, -maniac, -manic affected with madness for
-phobia dread of; morbid fear of
-phobiac, -phobe, -phobist one who has a morbid fear of
-phobic fearful; dreading
arch, archi rule; govern
dem people
gen, gon kind; race; origin
gon andle
gyn, gyne, gynaec, gynec woman
log idea; word; speech; discussion; reason; study
archae-, archa- ancient
hetero- various; unlike
homo- same
olig- few
pan-, panto- all
poly many
theo god
geo earth
helio sun
dyn, dynam power; force
chron time
chrom, chromat, chro color
meter, metr measure
center, centr center
cycl circle
mono- one
bi- two
dis-, di- two; twice
iso- equal
ortho- correct; right; straight
-latry worship
-later worshipper
-latrous worshiping
-mancy divination; phrohecy
-mancer one who divines or prophesies
-mantic prophesying; having to do with divination
path feeling; disease
batho, bathy depth
therap cure
haem, hem, -aem, -em blood
rhea, reo, rrh, rhag flow; gush; burst
stat, stas stand; stop
erg, urg work
gno, gnos know
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