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Derivatives 23

used to remember commemorative
Straying from the proper course or standards errant
corrupt, wicked, or perverted depraved
capable of being or becoming potential
having complete or unlimited knowledge omniscient
the study and practice of oral delivery elocution
able to be forgiven or pardoned venial
a powerful person potentate
to make powerful potentiate
heartless, vile depraved
in charge of a museum curator
manner of speaking elocution
roundabout expression circumlocution
possible potential
requiring little or no work sinecure
very clever ingenious
powerful person potentate
to make stronger potentiate
going back to previous actions regress
branch of knowledge science
act of giving up cession
act of stopping cessation
separate from a group secede
poisonous venemous
chart conspectus
throw onto inject
clever ingenious
in charge of a museum curator
mandate command
comes before a relative pronouns antecedent
poisonous fluid venom
obligatory; compulsory mandatory
Created by: Latin I