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Mrs. Friess

study guide for photosynthesis and mitosis test

All the energy on the earth ultimately comes from the_____ Sun
The term meaning an organism that contains green pigment such as a plant, or algae, that can make it's own food ____ Autotroph
A plant is considered a Producer or Consumer? Producer
The term meaning an organism that must obtain its energy source from eating another organism___ Heterotoph
The organelle found in plants that is responsible for photosynthesis___ Chloroplast
The process that plants use to make its own food___ Photosynthesis
The name of the gas that humans exhale, and plants take in___ Carbon Dioxide
The name of the gas that plants produce as a product of photosynthesis___ Oxygen
The chemical formula for sugar (carbohydrate)____ 6 Carbon 12 Hydrogen 6 Oxygen
Does the plant store or give off sugar ? Store
What does the arrow mean in a chemical formula? yields or produces (NOT equals)
What 3 things are needed by a plant to photosynthesis? CO 2 (Carbon Dioxide) , H 2 O (water), and sunlight
Write the Chemical Formula for Photosynthesis? 6 C 02 + 6 H2 0 + sunlight yields C 6 H 12 0 6 + 6 02
"Matter cannot be created or destroyed" is called Conservation of Matter
"Energy cannot be created or destroyed" is called Conservation of Energy
During Photosynthesis, sunlight energy is converted into ____ energy Chemical energy
How can a strict carnivore obtain energy from the sun? by eating an autotroph (plants) also called producer
How do plants under water obtain sunlight? By growing to the surface, such as kelp
True or False: When balancing a chemical equation the products must equal the reactants? TRUE
The name of the green pigment contained in the chloroplast of a leaf Chlorophyll
The openings in a leaf which allows water to enter during transpiration Stomata
Water enters into the roots and stems through: Osmosis or Diffusion Osmosis
Oxygen leaves the plant leaves by the process of: Diffusion
When a plant begins to wilt and lacks water, the stomata does what? Closes
What is the scientific name for Cell Division? Mitosis
During INTERPHASE of mitosis, what are the chromosomes doing? Replicating (multiplying by 2)
What stage in Mitosis do the Chromosomes move to the Middle of the cell? Metaphase
What stage of Mitosis do the Chromosomes pull AWAY to the opposite centrioles? Anaphase
What stage of Mitosis does the cell membrane begin to pinch into two new cells? Telephase
When a cell successfully divides into two new cells, it is is called___ Cytokinesis
During Mitosis, cells reproduce: Asexually or Sexually Asexually
What can a person develop if cells divide rapidly with some error in the genetic material? Cancer
How many Chromosomes do humans have? 46
TRUE or FALSE: all living organisms have the same number of chromosomes? False
Created by: mfriess