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Science-chap 2 Vocab

Earths Changing Surface

Low Interest Rates/credit Federal Reserves kept interest rates low; companies borrowed money and expanded more than necessary
High Tariffs Tariffs restricted foreign demand for American goods
Over production Companies made more goods than could be sold
Falling Demand with to many goods unsold, production was cutback and employees were laid off
Uneven distribution of income not everyone who wanted consumer goods could afford them
Election of 1928 xxxxxxx
Bull Market long period of rising stock prices
Buying on the Margin making only a small cash down payment about 10% rest would come from bank loan
Speculation guessing if the market would rise or fall
Black Tuesday stock prices took the steepest dive yet
Great Depression reason of the stock price crash 1932 over 25% American workers unemployed
Shanty towns homeless lived in or known as Hoovervilles
Bread lines bread lines helped feed people
Dust Bowl from Dakotas to Texas America's wheat Fields vast
Hoboes homeless people / wanderers
Reconstruction Finance Corp Hoover requested to congress this be set up to make loans to businesses
Bonus Army about 1,000 veterans from Oregon marching to Washington to lobby for passage of the legislation $1,000 bonus
Patman Bill bill authorizing early payment on veterans $1,000 bonuses
Farm crisis/ Farm foreclosures creditors foreclosed on nearly 1,000,000 farms between 1930-1934, taking ownership of the land and evicting families
Created by: wheels3