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Drug Classes 1

Drugs and their classes/indications

Nifedipine/Procardia Calcium channel blocker used in severe hypertension and angina.
Methylprednisolone/Solu-Medrol Corticosteriod/Antiinflammatory used in spinal cord injury, asthma, severe anaphylaxis, and COPD.
Midazolam/Versed Benzodiazepine sedative used to induce sedation before cardioversion or intubation.
Naloxone/Narcan Narcotic antagonist used in narcotic and synthetic narcotic overdose and coma of unknown origin.
Albuterol/Ventolin Sympathomimetic bronchodilator used for bronchospasm and asthma in COPD.
Thiamine/Vitamin B1 Vitamin used in comas of unknown origin, chronic alcoholism with associated coma, and delirium tremens.
Fentanyl/Sublimaze Narcotic analgesic used for pain relief and to induce sedation for endotracheal intubation.
Diphenhydramine/Benadryl Antihistimine used in anaphylaxis, allergic reactions, and dystonic reactions.
Vasopressin/Pitressin Hormone/vasopressor used to increase peripheral vascular resistance in arrest or to control bleeding from esophageal varices.
Metoprolol/Lopressor Beta-blocker used in acute myocardial infarctions.
Flumazenil/Romazicon Benzodiazepine antagonist used to reverse the sedative, recall, and psychomotor effects of benzodiazepines.
Chlorpromazine/Thorazine Tranquilizer/antipsychotic used to manage psychotic episodes.
Calcium gluconate/Kalcinate Electrolyte used in hyperkalemia, hypermagnesium, and calcium channel blocker toxicity.
Sodium bicarbonate/NaHCO3 Alkalizing agent used in tricyclic antidepressant and barbiturate overdoses, hyperkalemia, refractory acidosis.
Procainamide/Pronestyl Antiarrhythmic used in V-fib and pulseless V-tach.
Lidocaine/Xylocaine Antidysrythmic used in pulseless V-tach, V-fib, and V-tach with a pulse.
Adenosine/Adenocard Antidysrhythmic used during narrow, complex SVT.
Amiodarone/Cordarone Antidysrhythmic used during life-threatening ventricular and supraventricular dysrhythmias, frequently A-fib.
Norepinephrine/Levophed Sympathomimetic agent used in hypotension and neurogenic shock.
Dopamine/Intropin Sympathomimetic used in cardiogenic shock and nonhypovolemic hypotension (70-100 mmHg).
Dobutamine/Dobutrex Sympathomimetic used to increase cardiac output in CHF/cargiogenic shock.
Epinephrine/Adrenalin Sympathomimetic used to restore rhythm in cardiac arrest and severe allergic reactions.
Propanolol/Inderal Beta-blocker used in V-fib and pulsesless V-tach.
Labetalol/Trandate Beta-blocker used in acute hypertensive crisis.
Esmolol/Brevibloc Beta-blocker used in SVT with rapid ventricular responses.
Atropine Parasympatholytic used in bradycardia, bradyasystolic arrest, and organophosphate poisoning.
Enoxaparin/Lovenox Anticoagulant used to inhibit clot formation in unstable angina and non-Q wave MI.
Digoxin A cardiac glycoside used to increase cardiac output in CHF and to stabilize SVT.
Calcium chloride Electrolyte used in hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia, hypermagnesemia, and calcium channel blocker toxicity.
Magnesium sulfate Electrolyte used in V-fib and pulseless V-tach, especially torsades de pointes, acute MI and eclamptic seizures.
Nitroglycerin/Nitrate Nitrate used with chest pain that is associated with angina and acute MI, and severe pulmonary edema.
Sodium nitroprusside/Nipride Nitrate used in hypertensive crisis.
Diltiazem/Cardiazem Calcium channel blocker used in SVT and to increase coronary artery perfusion in angina.
Verapamil/Isoptin Calcium channel blocker used for SVT, A-flutter, and A-fib.
Lorazepam/Ativan Sedative used for sedation during cardioversion and status epilepticus.
Ibuprofen/Advil, et al. NSAID used to reduce fever and relieve minor to moderate pain.
Acetaminophen/Tylenol Analgesic/antipyretic used for mild to moderate pain and fever.
Dextrose 50% in water Carbohydrate used in hypoglycemia.
Furosemide/Lasix Diuretic used in CHF and pulmonary edema.
Aspirin/Acetylsalicylic Acid Analgesic/antipyretic/antiinflammatory/platelet inhibitor used in chest pain suggestive of an MI.
Oxytocin/Pitocin Hormone used in severe postpartum hemorrhage.
Metaproterenol/Alupent Sympathomimetic bronchodilator used in bronchospasm, as in asthma and COPD.
Ipratropium/Atrovent Anticholinergic used in bronchospasm associated with asthma, COPD, and inhaled irritants.
Glucagon/GlucaGen Hormone/antihypoglycemic used in hypoglycemia without IV access and to reverse beta-blocker overdose.
Morphine Narcotic analgesic used in moderate to severe pain, in MI, and to reduce venous return in pulmonary edema.
Diazepam/Valium Antianxiety/hypnotic/anticonvulsant/sedative used in seizures, premedication before cardioversion, muscle temors due to injury, and acute anxiety.
Haloperidol/Haldol Antipychotic used in acute psychotic episodes.
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